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Peoples Open Meeting - Jan 16, 2017


  • jorrit - I just learned that the internet is going to die. It's on the flyer (shows flyer Grant made that says "A Party For The End Of The Internet". wants tot figure out what were going to show people at BYOI, Jorrit suggests looking at action items from last meeting right after introductions.
  • mai - I'm mai, i've been involved in the BYOI orgaizing. Wrote blurbs from newsletter. Would like to talk about promoting BYOI and also revisiting the format of the meeting.
  • blake - hasn't been doing much recently, would like to help out with BYOI
  • sierk - I worked on propaganda and BYOI stuff. I was working on a template for the newsletter but saw that jenny already finished it. I was gonna fix that issue for the garden mesh where it's not starting when the machine gets rebooted.
  • jeremey: trying to get tapped into peoplesopen and the sudo mesh. happy to help out with BYOI however i can. will take flyers and photocopy them, hand them out.
  • mark - relatively new to the area (6-7 months) just found out about sudo room like a week ago, one of the things that stuck out was the community mesh stuff, tried to get it up where i'm from but haven't really been into it for a few years.
  • grant - i was working on a lot of stuff: flyers and blurbs and stickers (mostly propaganda) and did do some disaster-radio'ing last night (documened how the websockets work) still figuring out how to create a good test
  • juul -

review actions items

  • hack on - grant and jorrit [done]
    • jorrit - its looking presentable to someone who doesn't know web design. it is a nano-verision of the workshop. Click on the "Please improve this website link" if you'd like to contribute. The killer feature is a list of other community network project. We had one pull request from Boston Meshnet.
    • link to github site & share [jenny[ (is it shareble yet?) [done]
  • reach out to VICE (contingent on getting up & running) - [grant] (perhaps only share with vice, then invite them to make it better?)
    • grant: haven't done it yet but will work on it tonight
    • jeremy: i know some journalist people, is the point to publicize peoplesopen or to promote the idea of building your own internet

<dicussion about the problem of the individualistic "your internet" vs. "our internet">

  • follow up with free mail server offer [jenny]
    • "So, the next steps would be - open an account, setup your domain and when you are ready we will give you a code you can enter in the admin to upgrade to the Mini plan. I think that should be enough but let's see, it should be no issue either way."
      • jenny set up an account and added and - just need to configure DNS on our end

how to get people involved in the meetings immediately after the BYOI workshop

maybe this is a bigger discussion. postponing.


  • next conference call for probably on jan 29th
    • juul - noffle has yet to send out confirmation to the group, sending message to noffle to ask to confirm


  • Jenny:
    • newsletter ready to be sent from mailchimp, all interested should preview, amend & schedule for morning;
      • sierk: i reviewed it. it has exactly what was discussed. it is fine.
    • facebook & eventbrite updated w/ new text & agenda;
    • created trello boards and automated flows to track

1) communications [emails, newsletters, social media, github issues, community outreach, press], 2) events [upcoming, past, assets], 3) node mounts [pulls from spreadsheet & form to update 'to schedule', upcoming, needs work & completed] 4) updates to github repos by project [sudomesh, peoplesopen, byoi, disasterradio & gardenmesh] - ping jenny for an invite

  • grant on nodemount: We mounted on D&N's place. We (grant, jenny, robb) installed an extender node on the steep roof. Everything was installed but there was a kink in the cable so we have to replace it. Nice view
  • sierk went to Ed's place: if we want to schedule a mount with more people we could have sort of a teaching event there
  • mai: we should have multiple signup seets for BYOI (node mount, and others)
  • mai: RIOTcon this saturday: tiny conference on radical art/technology issues that are somehow political happening. east bay community space organizer -- They want a speaker from People's Open, any takers? --
    • i just remembered greggawatt asked if we would present, about a month ago via a twitter dm.. don't use twitter much these days and forgot :/ - just dm'd him

If you need to get a "passback" you should ask on the mailing list.

discussion items

node mounts

  • Jenny: still no word back from LOLspace. chrisJ needs to move date to the 28th/Jan, confirming... possibly ed for this coming sunday?


action items

  • sign up sheet for byoi - include which list you would like to be on -- Mai
  • Gonna look into the old node at my house - Blake.
  • Create and update GuideStar profile & send link to Will ( ) - Jenny

Jenny notepad 1/16:

  • BYOI Biz Plan - "We can be booked for private BYOI parties on the condition that you provide the -beer/catering."
    • Road Tours a la merry prankster cyber/solarpunks

Jenny notepad 1/10:

What to ask for a rooftop node mount:

  • Do you have a ladder onsite that can reach the roof?
  • We will need to run a single ethernet cable that connects to a small, standard 12V power supply. Do you have any available outdoor power outlets or ideal indoor locations we could run it to?
  • Is there a chimney, vent pipe, or existing antenna / solar panel installation on the roof that would be optimal to mount a small node to?
  • What's the line of sight like from the roof to the N, S, E & West

Node Mount Inventory Checklist (draft/prelim)

- copied to


  • Pre-flashed NanoBridge and/or Nanostation, plus POE injector
  • Pre-flashed home node(s) as appropriate, plus power supplies and ethernet cables


  • Drill and appropriate bits
    • Standard
    • Green concave(?) for loosening/tightening hose clamp screws
  • Impact drill & 10" bit (for drilling through walls)
  • EZ Crimper (blue handles)
  • Needle-nose plyers
  • Wrench
  • Wirecutters
  • Hammer
  • Ladder (20'-24')

Things to Attach Things to Other Things

  • Hose clamps of various sizes
  • Small and industrial-strength zip ties
  • J-pole, flagpole or pipe for extending height of node
  • Large cable ties
  • Nails & screws
  • Nuts & bolts
  • Small blocks of wood

Cable & Accessories

  • Outdoor shielded ethernet cable
  • Box of indoor ethernet cable
  • Shielded & grounded RJ45s
  • Regular RJ45s
  • RJ45 boots

Safety Equipment

Contingent on weather and roof conditions:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat / Visor
  • Climbing Harness
  • Safety Goggles

San Antonio / Fruitvale neighborhood outreach:

  • LOLspace/SOL (existing home node, probably an old picostation)
  • The Bikery (had 2 locations and 2 nodes previously, now merged with LOL/SOL)
  • Matt - nearby friend in Fruitvale who had a node back in 2013, friend of Mark Burdett
  • Potential LOL/SOL Roof Mount: NanoBridge pointing NW, NanoStation aimed at Village directly to the south (1 block), NanoBridge or NanoStation pointing East?
  • Native Health Center?