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People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 17 December 2019 7:30pm-9pm


  • Introductions and Meeting Roles (15 mins)
  • Announcements and Upcoming Events (10 mins)
  • When's the Meet-Up This Month?
  • Check Ins: Action Items & Active Projects (30 mins)
  • Wrap-up meeting (5 min)


Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Icebreaker Response; BRIEF Announcements

  • Marc
  • Tim - lots of off-grid building experience. brought an ESP32 w/ antenna, battery and camera streams video.
  • Sai - Been to a couple of meetings before. Kinda nice to be back. Favorite memory: Hot chocolate.
  • Tyler - he/him - Might have an a nnouncement but first to answer the icebreaker. Dubstep in the rain.(announcement: avalible to organize an antenna building party for the solar 4G hotspot project).
  • Radar - he/him - Favorite is thanksgiving where we have a huge chinese food spread
  • Benny - he/him - Not my fav but it's about to happen: I have to go home to new mexico and my mom makes my dad's moms cookie recipe lebkuchen.
    • Met up with Hayden and he's been working on the monitor and killing it. Gave him push access.
  • Brian - he/him - I really like mayday. Street demonstrations. Sled riding.
  • Seth - he/they - My grandma use to have like a gumball tree: Big thing of thorns where she would put candies on and I would steal them and she'd be cool with it and replace them. Talked to people about checking out their houses (for nodes). Rescued a couple of nodes. Made a bunch of t-shirts, they're in the cage.
  • Jenny - she/her - Culturally bankrupt so not a lot of . Wintertime visits with family gathering around wood stove. Still jumping through final bureaucracy hoops for that state gov grant
    • Marc: Summarizes the meeting - 10K engagements entails handwritten confirmation (name and zip code) from every person "reached" - kinda sprung on us after the fact. all the other subgrantees were also upset. May offer us 10% but we may still have to prove 1000 in-person engagements
  • Hilary - she/her - been a member of sudo for awhile - Favorite holiday: Mince pies
  • Mai - she/they - favorite holiday thing on american white side: dark cherry jello ring mold - japanese side celebrates with various pickled fish on new years day
    • Loomio vote on banner design - F seemed to be most popular - meeting with Moni tonight


  • Marc: Solar 4G nodes - just finishing hardware watchdog - hopefully this weekend. Here/There camp ready for a prototype deployment
  • Hilary: Awesome Foundation awarded Sudo Mesh grant for $1K for solar node project!
  • Juul - Also Pam is coming by tonight - starting an org to funnel crypto money to rad open source projects - wants to list sudo mesh as an org folks can donate to
    • general enthusiasm to put on Loomio
  • Canceling next two meetings (xmas eve & new years eve)

KPFA Proposal

via Brian 12/17:

I recoginze I am operating not just in an individual capacity but also representing an entity. I'd like to offer the following as an open and transparent vision of a direction that excites me. I respect that the mesh is autonomous and association is voluntary and deposit this is just a spirited vision/dream on the table of ideas.

KPFA has an interest in becoming a node on the mesh and providing some infrastructure boosts to the project. We can see this as a mutually beneficial arrangement where we share our towers, electricity, bandwidth, engineering abilities, advertise/promote the project, and provide educational/meeting space for participants of the mesh. Towards our sustainability we'd love to fundraise around this by pitching the importance of participating in resilient, autonomous, decentralized internet sharing and providing AP/Routers as a "thank you gift" to our listeners who donate. Also excites us.

Phase one: Infrastructure and Berkeley Experiment

   [✔️] KPFA reached out to our current tenant UnWired Ltd on KPFA Tower and found they are using licensed links in 17/18ghz as well as 70/80ghz for back haul and are using 5.15 - 5.85ghz for distribution to their customers. 24ghz is open and available on our towers.
   [ ] Secure a 24Ghz (1Gb/s) or 80ghz (10Gb/s) PtP wireless link with donated upstream bandwidth from Internet archive in Richmond to KPFA tower.
   [ ] Secure 24Ghz PtP link from KPFA tower to KPFB tower at KPFA Studio in Berkeley.
   [ ] Build PtMP array on KPFB tower at KPFA Studio in Berkeley.
   [ ] KPFA reaches out to immediate neighbors and secures homes/businesses/apartments to participate in the mesh/PeoplesOpen.
   [ ] KPFA/PeoplesOpen hosts educational sessions in our Performance room. We advertise it on our air.
   [ ] Secure a PtP wireless link with donated upstream bandwidth from KPFA in Fremont to KPFA tower.
   [ ] Share our rack space to PeoplesOpen at HE and our studios in Berkeley (if needed)
   [ ] Operate local services on the node (KPFA Icecast stream and archives, disaster radio?)
   [ ] Develop map of Mesh availability.

Phase two: East Bay Regional Build out

   [ ] Build PtMP array on KPFA tower - Negotiate with UnwiredLtd regarding spectrum use.
   [ ] KPFA reaches out to listeners in East Bay about expanding PeoplesOpen
   [ ] KPFA reaches out to tower owner on North Peak - Mt. Diablo about possibilities (We have a FM Transmitter there as well)
   [ ] KPFA/PeoplesOpen reaches out to potentially friendly upstream providers, HE, Paxio, MonkeyBrains about becoming nodes / providing transport.



  • juuL: 3.3GHz okay?
    • yes
  • would need to talk with Unwired about possibly coordinating channels for 5GHz
  • could partner with, but not directly fundraise for. thank you gift for donating could eg be a mesh access point
  • ~10miles away from Archive Florida tower

Action Items

  • Research 3.3GHz
  • Look into certified climbers
  • Field trip to tower?