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People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 17 April 2018 7:30pm-9pm


  • Introductions and Meeting Roles (10 mins)
  • Check in on previous action items (5 mins)
  • Updates & Reportbacks (20 mins)
  • Next Sunday (5 mins)
  • Proposal: Accounting / Fundraising Working Group (15 mins)
  • Discussion: Group decisionmaking / Establishing our relationship with the Omni (15 min)
  • Discussion: Equipment Purchasing Process (15 mins)
  • Action Items (5 mins)
  • Breakout Groups


Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Icebreaker Response; BRIEF Announcements

  • Icebreaker question: What is the best fast food place?
  • Bengo: he/him, cheap falafel
  • Doug: pizza, he'him
  • Seth: In&Out Burger!
  • Grant: falafel
  • Jenny: she/her, In&Out
  • Mai: she/her or they/them - In&Out or Chipotle

Meeting Roles

  • Facilitator/s: Bengo
  • Stacktaker: Bengo
  • Notetaker/s: Jenny, all of us
  • Next meeting's facilitator(s): TBD

Check in on previous action items

  • solar powered extender nodes?
    • Ocean Max not present
  • Talk to other wireless companies re: how they do general liability insurance - jnny + ben
    • ben - MonkeyBrains suggested we reach out to Detroit and Red Hook.
      • Max or Jnny to reach out to Red Hook and/or insurer that Omni uses
      • Doug: look into medical insurance. trying to protect the organization in general and the board specifically
      • Doug: in lieu of anything else, only people with their own health insurance should be on the roof
  • order items to order - jnny
    • have ___ in the ebay cart. waiting on a few more specific budget requests (ideally links) and then will place order
  • open zeroconf tunneldigger issue - grant
    • it's working! almost, now digs tunnel, but is having trouble babeling with other nodes, they can see eachother, but is having trouble routing over one ,
    • issue number? or no issue? #129 sudowrt-firmware
    • grant: next steps: make web portal have more admin features, eg bandwidth percentage to share. nightly builds (set up a cron on my home computer which is on the mesh) til we figure out Travis. Still trying to figure out Travis. Ideas re: how we work on firmware and do releases, mebbe a breakout session?
  • get in touch with Reed Brothers - grant, will?
    • grant: not done yet. contingent on paxio. me, will & jehan went on omni roof on sunday to scout. pretty sure we can see paxio from western corner of omni roof, but in-construction condo @ macarthur may eventually block. best to talk w/ reed brothers anyways.
  • be in touch with Paxio re: gigabit link - mai
    • jehan and i touched base w/ storquest. they want money for roof rental. should go w/ free options.
      • grant: storquest can see lotsa stuff, might be worth it eventually - put a ton of antennas pointing in every direction mebbe
      • mai: really great how responsive paxio has been, just need to get our equipment together

Updates & Reportbacks =


Priority bugs we need help with are located at: - For a high-level overview of recent Github activity, see the Trello:

  • Bug 27: grant - dns issue introduced by Bug #23. temp solution to add a static dns + a backup. psychz & hurricane electric IPs now static in there - 2 exitnodes instead of one. not a priority until we have more exit nodes
    • mai: fam is very psyched. "you're geniuses! this is magic!" slow but fast enough for them to stream the NBA playoffs

Node Mounts & Outreach

Node Mounts Trello:

  • Devi from SOL/LOLspace/Peacock Rebellion
    • emails were going to wrong addresses. Now should be good further communication this week
  • Hooking up some encampments in Berkeley
    • Jenny and Robb talked with Betsy Morris at the Peace & Life Fund awards ceremony the other night. Camps at Aquatic Park, Berkeley Marina, and the re-established FTCFTH (First They Came For The Homeless) camp at Here & There could hella use internetz. Leads: David&Niki's could potentially reach Here&There, however the following properties have better line of sight (tho are renters not owners): sally at adeline & alcatrez - street spirit publisher - tiny home village project; Inter-City Services; Biketopia; another bix right across the street i'm forgetting the name of
    • Aquatic Park (ashby side) & Dare To Change (rehab camp next door) have LOS to Urban Ore. Something about an old abandoned radio tower in vicinity...?!
  • Ed's place - this Sunday? safety party at Ed's? sierk mentioned BBQ
    • ben - has Doug seen photos? I didn't send them
    • grant - yes, showed him the long shot, sierk isn't here to share more photo's (if he has any) (Cool :D )
    • Ed not present this Sunday. Requests another Sunday

Communications & Events

Comms Trello: // Events Trello:

  • CityCamp, April 21, 2018 @ Oakland City Hall
  • Decentralized Web Summit, August 1–2, 2018 @ Internet Archive
    • mai: happened in 2016, mostly blockchain-based. they invite the "fathers of the internet" <insert eye roll> they asked us what we wanted to propose. largely web-based not last-mile infrastructure
  • State of our Networks, July 13–18, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario w/ Toronto Mesh
    • Call for Participation due April 30th
    • grant: talked with Dawn of TO Mesh this evening. interested in having people do talks/workshops. sprints the following 3 days, they have a space where you can hack w/ folx. might be going, not sure yet. will put draft proposal on an etherpad and share it
  • Brief reportback from NAB: anka and jenny got kicked out of the conference for holding a banner that stated "SAVE NET NEUTRALITY!" during Ajit Pai's keynote speech. **golf claps**

Internal Logistics / Finance

Internal Logistics & Bureaucracy Trello:

  • Strategic Plan Meeting Summary / Reportback
    • bengo - didn't leave with consensus on priorities. conversations happened that needed to happen and were useful. wuz a little emotional toward the end
    • mai: bigger conversations that needed to happen about what PON is about - just doing demos and encouraging people to learn, or actually building a network. most agreed upon the latter. there was consensus on the latter.
      • ben: there was confusion over what people wanted project scope to be, but I think it was really a matter of Jorrit wanting to ask, "what does it take to move past being a demo? what does it take for us to move past that and what are our current limitations?" Do feel like there was consensus on going big.
    • mai: looked at notes from our last strategic meeting and realized there were a lot of things we had made progress on.
    • bengo: user story mapping as a way of creating flows re: what someone impacted this project. well-defined projects as opposed to themes, agile-style backlog of priorities for the legal entity, that can reflect any changes in priority. for new folks the top of that list is a good place to start.
  • Purchasing requests

- 24gHz airFiber ($$) - box cutter - large zip ties - chimney mount Grant purchased - harnesses and rope // climbing gear - gloves - shielded ethernet ends in mounting bin on shelvesDo we have non-ez though? hmmm - PVC - socket wrench set - metal snips - binoculars - walkie talkies

    • ben - I can go to Graybar tomorrow to pick up a lot of this.
  • mai: maybe a ladder?
    • ben - yes please
  • grant: research ecommerce site idea. how to organize and sell our swag.

Next Sunday

Node Mount

We try to arrange a rooftop node mount every Sunday afternoon. Ongoing spreadsheet is located at:

  • Next Sunday's mount: Jenny will ping Robb re: Diane's

Office Hours

We host office hours every Sunday from 1-2pm in Sudo Room. To sign up for a shift, fill in your name here:

  • Notes from this past Sunday's session:
    • debugging bug #27 by reproducing in Omni
    • getting test bed up and running again
    • grant: and accessible to those on the mesh (omni mesh nodes) - can play w/ an extender node testbed
  • Next Sunday's volunteer: no more party :(
    • Safety Party w/ Doug at Omni

Proposal: Accounting / Fundraising Working Group

Please add any proposal needing consent from or action by the group below:

  • mai: Proposal to create a working group to reconfigure our account/finance situation
    • For example, to understand our current financial situation, establish protocols around purchasing, and explore options for pursuing a self-sustaining income model for the project (which would likely entail a spin-off enterprise)
  • jnny: +1! also, working fiscal policies & procedures draft: & budget request form:
  • participants: mai, jenny, ben, bengo, grant (mebbe)
    • mai - consistent time to work on stuff, figuring out stuff like passpack for purchases, formalizing procurement processes. This process might be reflective of how we make decisions together in general. Discussion item, moving on!
    • bengo - Indefinite working group, or is it just to accomplish this reorganization in the shortterm?
    • jnny - I think an extended working group would be good.
  • jnny - went to Beneficial State Bank today! They allow infinity check-signers, infinity sub-accounts, which has been the main barrier with Unify (sp?) which is the credit union we've been working with. Only like 10 of either.
  • bengo: is this the first working group? should be a wiki page that delineates working groups and how people can plug into different working groups
  • ben - doodle for times?
  • Consenso?

Discussion: Group decisionmaking / Establishing our relationship with the Omni

  • Decision re: how we want to officially establish our relationship with the Omni brings to light larger questions about how we make decisions as group
  • Currently, our bylaws state that the Board makes consensus decisions about financial decisions and legal agreements
    • Does this work? How could we incorporate input from those who have dedicated a lot of time and energy to the project?
      • jnny: historically, we don't follow our own bylaws. decisions have always been made with consenso of active volunteers. also, this reminds me we're due for our annual board meeting and nomination of new officers & directors! all a-board! :p
    • blake: having anonymity in a consensus process seems like a really bad idea
    • mai: should decide and write out how we do this, it's not written anymore. we want everyone who's core agree, or at least live with the decision. loomio has thumbs up, down, and sideways for instance
    • bengo: maybe that can be an axtion item for finance wg - to make a formal proposal to the board/sudomesh crew, give them a chance to veto.
    • ben: do we feel like we do have consensus for a payment, eg half of $100 or $100 flat? With the caveat that discussion about additional donations can continue
    • jnny - Omni is now moving to require all groups to apply for use of ballroom, which includes discussing a percentage donation.
    • mai - In that case, most folks seem to be in favor of donating the flat rate modulo the percentage part. So, can we move forward on the flat donation?

Discussion: Accounting and Purchases

  • Mai - push topic to working group?
    • (consenso)
  • How do we keep track of inflows and outflows of money?
    • jnny: Quickbooks login infoz in passpack, but if we use sthg like cobudget (see below), we could easily make all income and expenses openly transparent
  • How do we decide to spend and receive funds?
    • jnny: been playing around with cobudget (though it's yet another communication platform... >_<) - invited mai, grant, ben, benny, jorrit - anyone else want to play around wit it?
      • ben - isn't sierkje building something like this from scratch? Y'all might wanna chat.

Action Items

  • Grant: Make moves on plan for PON e-commerce revenue stream (e.g. shirts, hats, stickers)
  • grant: setup nightly builds of zeroconf firrmware (debug travis further) and tighen up openwrt build process
  • ben: Jorrit and I are aso discussing CI for monitoring tools. I think zeroconf is higher priority, though
  • grant: follow-up with Paxio to confirm 24Ghz antenna situation, suggest LOS from Omni (how do we align with their equipment?)
  • mai: schedule meeting for Account/Finances Working Group
  • jenny: buy some shit ^_^
  • jenny: follow up with devi / lolspace
  • jenny & ben: more work into vehicle procurement

Breakout Groups

At the end of the meeting, break out into small groups to hack on or discuss specific topics.

  • Extended Node Whispering Discussion / Stable Release Definition(s)

Last Meeting Notes

End of Meeting