Mesh/17 April 2014

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  • Marc, Chris, Max, Mario, William, Noemie, Matt, Deekoo ("I contribute paranoia"), Alex, Philip, me too (Daniel)


  • Max got the captive portal working on iOS 7!
  • Marc wrote an article in Slingshot! Check it out!
  • Matt working on a technical diagram to describe what your router does
  • BART contract out to revamp their connectivity
  • Marc announces our second mesh service: the cheese machine


  • Activist training next Thursday - can we bring some cryptoparty?
  • Cryptoparty this Sunday 2-5pm, special edition focused on journalists.
  • Noemie will be filming short (15min) interviews with folks on Sunday


  • Pre-deployment plans -
    • logging,
    • hardware watchdog to picostation,
    • cases and antennas for the Sparkys,
    • finding tall locations


  • update active nodes
  • Add to Wishlist:
    • Antenna towers
    • Power supplies (be inventive! eg; power supply to a Roomba)
  • pick up VOIP adapters


  • "My so-called VPS"
  • Protip: Most places throw their magazines out on Tuesdays
  • "I want spikes on my hardhat"
  • "Build server down!"
  • interesting IoT server on Raspi: - Raspbian, Mosquitto, Node.js, Node-Red
  • fdroid, nodecipher

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