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Jenny, Juul, Evan, Valkyrie, Maxb, Dan, ChrisJ, Alex, Preston, Deekoo, Rob, Mo, Daphne, Olivia


  • Max - Been helping out with mesh stuff for the past year or so. Helping with firmware and bits around. Does web dev for work.
  • Deekoo - Writes video games and for fun looks for security holes in things. Has been working on a repository for our binary firmware images. Anyone who wants access should poke him. (Repo is at and needs to be populated with firmware)
  • Dan - Teaches tech during the day. Has been working on the sparky boards. Creating list of things we should buy
  • Evan is a sudomesh and sudoroom virgin! He's looking for something interesting to do. He's a dev somewhere between data vis, machine learning, and web dev. Heard about us through techliminal
  • Valkyrie - Grad student at Cal. Does research on fabrication. In the design lab with Mitar.
  • Juul working on firmware: and investigating Docker. Exit server is down, let's get it up and working right. We have a bunch of antennas donated by Personal Telco!
  • ChrisJ has done bits and pieces. Has experience with openwrt - does a lot of sensor network type stuff. Wants to work on the monitoring side of things
  • Alex working on the monitoring system
  • Rob is also a sudovirgin! Does PCB design for a day job. Wants to come and learn how to help! Woot!
  • Preston just moved to the bay from DC 4 months ago. Worked at OTI. Did things with mesh networks. Was working on commotion wireless. Lot's of experience building a mesh in DC with the help of Red Hook Initiative & Detroit Digital Stewards (Commotion Wireless repos: and documentation: )
  • Jeremy reordering the documentation on the wiki!
  • Jenny wants max to name himself. done. Got into mesh at sudoroom uncoference where mark burdett gave a talk on 510pen. Seeded sudomesh interest. Jenny applied for an internship for OTI. Documented use cases and user stories, etc. Was working for open garden. Recently got fired!! Hooray!! Now she can spend all of her time with us...................


  • Jenny and Marc went to portland a few weeks ago and helped give a talk on mesh. Met some interesting folks, including personal telco peep(s).
  • We got shittons of hardware including pigtail->antennae connecter (i forgot the name)
  • Jenny and Marc went to toorcamp last week and saw an interesting session on HAMWAN. Ham radio to create wireless network(ish).
  • Max onboarded a bunch of new folks and roped them in!
  • Desire to take down the exit dev server and reassemble, do a thorough walkthrough and document all the steps to setting up a functioning exit server
  • Daniel bought a rack! The omni can probs reimburse him.
  • Project ara - google open hardware phone project. By submitting an application, we could get a prototype phone, but there would be some catches (no reverse engineering!)


  • Work on fixing exit server
  • Logging and monitoring setup
  • Setup Docker/provisioning system so that we can have replicatibility in our exit server(s)
  • Huddle on provisioning
  • Marc wants to buy some decent hardware:

3 Nanostation loco m2 ($50/each) (potentially per firmware dev), 1 each 2 kinds of cheaper routers that juul has investigated. We approved 6 nanostation loco m2s and 1 each of the 2 kinds of cheaper indoor routers that juul likes.

  • Jerkey is at HOPE (hacker conference in NJ). Wants us to send him some designs for flyers, etc.
  • Swag generally
    • Sticker situation - Jenny will ask Nic
  • How to take care of node guide! We need a graphic designer!
  • Research eRate and determine how it works with libraries and schools.

Onboarding Session

We're going to do an onboarding session for our new members! Matt Senate put together some rad svgs, and Jeremy has an overview prezi.


$1600 + 2 bitcoins 1 bitcoin from Mo (501c3 status? - not yet. We're a "non-profit", but still applying for 501c status) btc address? this one 4799 shattuck i believe (actually it might be the old address)

Gratuitous Link Dump

Things we should buy:

$28 + $24 + 6 * $49 = $199 (including shipping) Onyx Ashanti: PureData for the music - visualizes Tallman teaglass - can be as strong as ABS and as flexible as nylon --> heat cartridges