Mesh/17 March 2015

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3/17/15 Weekly General Meeting


Max, Marc, Alex, April, Kelly, Martin


* We got a bunch of Western Digital MyNets! 
 - They don't make them anymore :-(
 - But TP-link makes one that is exactly the same except a bit more expensive and with external antennas:
   - TL-WDR3500
   - TL-WDR3600
   - TL-WDR4300
* Alex is working on the tunneldigger client! Hooray!
 - basically a new client
 - it works!
 - We need to clean repo (max soiled it!)
 - Plan is to extend to support protocols other than l2tp
 - Make more extensible :-D
 - Maybe we can submit a pull request for the second l2tp client
* Chris the snake wrangler is working on the walled garden
* We have phone from LMI 
* Marc and Matt worked on LUCI 2
* Max added polipo to the firmware. It seems to improve web browsing, but it'll be irrelevant for https and it might break some things (webdav?)

Action Items(?)

* Max will talk to Yar and tell her our new phone number
* Max is going to continue to be in touch with snake wrangler on the walled garden
* Marc is working on Configuration/makenode for MyNets and for the bridged wireless gear
* Someone needs to write a thing that detects if rooftop nodes are connected/etc so that they can be managed by the admin interface.
 - Basically a ubus forwarding protocol
* We might want to look into chaos calmer (newest openwrt release that hasn't been "stable released" yet) 
* We want to talk to at&t or others about getting a Gbit connection
* It'd be nice to have colocation! For the exit server!
* We should sit down and discuss network security
 - we can sit around and brainstorm ways to break the network and then maybe come up with some solutions for addressing them?

Random ideas

* Get bullets to match all the random antennas! 
* Authentication for the tunnel digger protocol?
 - Maxb think it's a good idea, maybe a lot of work?