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Peoples Open Meeting - Oct 17, 2017


  • blake - interested in wifi security things, mozilla grant for people's open
  • scott - went to science hack day @ github on sat and hacked on disasterradio. made a lot of good connections - esp eduardo who built a network visualization app [link: ] - sunday did a node mount at my place, home node (not extender [yet]) - either carriage house or redwood tree. tree seems best option - need to look into safe practices for a tree mount - ensure it's a solid limb, proper harness, proper grounding. finalizing circuitboard for disasterradio and will try to send them out this week, then work on the final design
  • jason - first time. interested in disasterradio, cryptocurrency, blockchain, web dev.
  • roger - first time, from catalonia.. tense situation right now in catalonia (which is not spain). *Guifi network
  • devin - from oakland. revolution happening here [again]. y'all are inspiring. want to contribute. boot camp coach.
  •  ? - from senegal, part of the learners guild, been interested in mesh networks for a long time. west africa still under the thumb of the europeans - orange is the monopoly network there - but there's still grassroots stuff going on. studying computer science and web dev
  • jehan: was a wispapalooza. very interesting. wireless isps that use gear like we do to server small numbers of subscribers. a lot of them are using LTE, most still use wifi. some use cambian(sp?) which is a bit more expensive. they spend a lot of time doing support / customer service. 70-80% of their calls are from people who can't get wifi in some area of their house. they are starting to do cloud managed in-home access points so they take care of supporting the in-home wifi. they have a lot of towers. there was a lot of stuff about climbing towers, knowing when to replace equipment. They all either use static routing or they use OSPF. A lot of them use microtik routers. Totally different culturally. They were these rural guys setting up internet. some interest in althea. 3D printed radio propagation sim
  • marc - firmware dev. looked at the new KRACKATTACK WPA2 vulnerability today. worked with felix on a patch. plan to pull in the latest version of the package, encountered docker issues. hope to get it compiled in the next day or 2 - in the meantime, use good security hygiene on the private networks. unfo happening at the same time as this 4G-LTE-U unlicensed spectrum becoming available.. doesn't look good for wifi right now. could run on the LTE with unlicensed sim cards and not need a telecom subscription, but otherwise entails dependency on subscription-based telecoms.
    • like this in many places, sim cards in modems or laptops, primarily phone usage, on 4G connections (eg W Africa, E Africa, Haiti)
      • ways to make it work, but not a model conducive to decentralization - powerful towers, many client handsets.
        • blake: still culturally preferable to use wifi over paying cell providers.
          • marc: well, isps looking to replace wifi, use 4G modems that hog wifi bandwidth. [femtocells/microcells]
  • andy: software engineer, i like hacking on software and wireless. interested in politics and social justice
  • jenny: i'm jenny, i 've been with this project in various capacities and most recently in the capacity of head bureaucrat. non-profit application is almost done. the mozilla grant doesn't explicitly care of you're a non-profit or a for-profit. science hack day was rad. i came pretty late. met a guy who works in hayward and does a lot of collaboration with hayward and fremon and san leandro. which is the path to hurricane electric. san leandro and hayward are collaborating on an "innovation corridor". san leandro is particularly supporting female entrepeneurs. i like how he thought about leveraging city resources and officials to help community projects. i need to share our community outreach spreadsheet. GAIA-gps
  • remote-daniel: just reading your notes. Ah and thank you to those that have donated for the kids/school in Guatemala. -- still playing with the few seconds video, new vid: . :)

server for hurricane electric

  • james & howard offering rackspace
  • jehan offers to set up the physical server
  • set up with RAID

sunday node mount

  • rita - came here last week - lives at 24th & magnolia (can see livelabs & hearth) - single story warehouse, no internet so would be direct benefit
  • hearth node pointing to livelabs needs to be replaced, node pointing to TMI is fine. TMI node having some issues and needs to be debugged.

action items

  • inventory our donated hardware from monkeybrains - marc did, there are 62

miscellaneous link dump