Mesh/17 October 2013

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  • Rhodey, Jocelyn, Pete, Marc, Alcides, Deekoo, Jagen, Jeremy, Max, Timon, Matt, Jenny, Allison, Oak


  • Rhodey: Node configuration server; Node watchdog to monitor the batman kernal module (batctl)
  • Marc: firmware nearly ready; need a configuration system; gui web app for flashing nodes [options: how much bandwidth, location, etc;]; set up backup, relay and exit node services
  • Deekoo: What about protection from lightning?
  • Jeremy: Researching batman-adv - alternating works better than bonding [bonding mode should be set to off]
  • Jenny: Oakland Map Jam tomorrow 6-9 at sudo, mapping the shared resources [eg free skools, farmers markets, hackerspaces etc] in Oakland


  • Tahoe-LAFS grid