Mesh/19 December 2013

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December 19th!


  • Deekoo, Marc, Xavier, Maxb, Jenny, Garrett, Pete


  • We can get a bank account with internet archive credit union. They sign their letters ", the internet". Jenny and Matt are going to work on it
  • Jenny and Marc worked on a rad flyer to hand out with new nodes
  • Nic is interested in working on infographics / graphic design over the break
  • Marc: Node configurator now auto-assigns IP addresses and creates stickers to be put on the PoE injector
    • DNS server discovery
    • Working on traffic control tonight (designating what amount of bandwidth to be shared) - we need to demonstrate that switching to the mesh as their only AP will allow for greater control
    • Tried for many hours to get the Meraki routers working, to no avail :(
      • Will be happy to show someone else how to work with the routers and which files control the watchdog.
  • Deekoo: Redesigning the build system so it will download and compile seperately, archives of our code, ??
  • Xavier is excited about connecting the mesh to community, and he wants to help in the social outreach.
  • Node database is using leveldb (node-database). Marc is excited about working on/building scalable decentralized apps

ToDos Tonight

  • Marc: Node configurator & traffic control
  • Max: Setting up node configurator on build server
  • Deekoo: Build/Download separation
  • Jenny/Pete: Work on pamphlet / outreach


  • We should have a forum!
  • Reach out to orgs that receive lots of hardware donations with requests for: antennae
  • Need to consider the problem of scaling - largest batman-adv mesh according to Elektra has been ~300 nodes
  • Node configurator compacts all components unique to the node into an IPK file that's then installed on the router
  • IPV6 spherical routing (??)
  • Node database does IP assignment by checking that no other IPs have that range
  • Forkable CNC (command and control)


Action Items

  • Calls to Action on the website
  • Email those who've posted nodes on the map (sign them up to an announce list)
  • Make sure traffic control works and is integrated with GUI