Mesh/20 February 2014

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Feb 20th Hacknight


  • Marc, Chris, Jordan, Jenny, Alex, Wendy, Noemie, Jacob, Dan, Tsering, Tyler, MaxB, Matt


  • Marc has squished all bugs but one! You can't not share internet currently. Node configurator auto-flashes nodes and prints stickers for them
  • Marc got a $1K grant to replicate and improve Koruza (homemade gigabit optical laser link)!
  • Chris tested a node but it couldn't make it to the internet
  • Jenny working on bylaws and bank account
  • Noemie working on the promo video for the mesh
  • Jacob looking into what it takes to start your own ISP - looks like FCC is attempting to bar this from happening. Heading back to North Carolina soon :(
  • Dan trying to find us free stuff :D
  • Deekoo has the reproducible build proxy working, will try to get in working on the mesh server tonight


  • Flash nodes and help people flash them [everyone] - DONE (at least 10!)
  • Get the code working on the new Atheros chipsets (our 5GHz nodes) [Marc]
  • Bank account [Jenny] - DONE (just need to mail it)
  • Finish editing bylaws [Jenny]
  • Fake captive portal [Max]
  • Network topology diagram and documentation [Matt]


  • Our current existing link is between 32nd and 27th on Adeline - about 1km - w/o clear line of sight, it's about 50/60mbps
  • Once we get our nodes running, change status on to active.
  • Look into setting up LibreMap (which also monitors node statuses)

Gratuitous Link Dump