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people's open network meeting? - 20 June 201

(notes made after the meeting, so they are spotty)

note taker - jorrit Attendees: will (interested in outreach, workshop) jorrit trent (first time) hilary (interested in workshop, outreach to neighbors in temescal) jehan scott (disaster radio, workshop) tom (got router last wk and donated $20 this wk - jorrit donation for when jenny/juul are getting back) grant (worked in outage splash-page, troubleshooting outage, willing to help with node flashing at meeting) daniel sierk mario (plant box measurements collaboration, CCL) bullitt patrick


outage discussion - grant worked on outage page on nodes, also attempted to troubleshoot the exit node. would be great to figure out a way to get more people familiar with administering / operating the exit node/ pzych infrastructure -> discuss with juul when he get back

workshop 1 July - see - discussed gardenmesh/plantbox idea (diagram) idea is to run disaster radio esp8266 with sensor -> home node -> nanobeam -> nanobean -> home node -> raspberry pi . where raspberry pi records and services sensor data and esp8266 sends sensor data across the mesh.