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March 20th Hacknight!


  • Marc, Noemie, Daniel, Jenny, Jeremy, Alex, Deekoo (by remote), Max (by remote + very late), Ed, Dan, Will, Matt, ChrisJ


  • Feedback welcome and encouraged on the latest iteration of the Free Network Definition and the Network Commons License:
  • Comments, "applause", more networks to contact welcome on this Knight News Challenge grant app:
    • Jenny explains: Matt, Mitar, Jenny and a guy trying to start a free network in LA went to the free network foundation's winter summit (fnf, kansas city net, austin city net). People also participated remotely (Juul and others?) They hacked on a draft of free network definition and the Network Commons License (may be renamed the Nearly Free Network License).
    • We collaborated on the linked knight foundation application with representatives from a bunch of different mesh groups (columbia, argentina, germany, slovenia, italy, south africa, france, kansas city, oakland, catalonia). We want to reach out to more groups (athens, india, etc.)
  • Jeremy made a card:
  • Marc made a UbiFlasher to auto-flash ubiquiti devices! It currently works with all of the newest generation of Ubiquiti devices:
  • Marc made service-browser to display services that are available on the mesh:
  • Marc added features to node-configurator towards getting support for ar71xx gear.
  • We should perhaps toss up our schedule - field trips, workshops, talks, focus groups, other ideas? Let's start putting together a schedule!
  • Jenny points out that there are ten $500,000 google grants available for community projects in the bay:
  • Daniel pitches the idea that we could make mesh backpacks that people can use during demonstrations and such to give connectivity.
  • Deekoo has the mirror almost done, he thinks. (Of course, he thought that the last ten or so times). Also, there's a Subversion tool in newer svn versions [svnrdump] that makes cloning much faster.
    • Nice!
  • Marc says everyone upvote this:

and this:

  • Jeremy says: Lakeshore Farmer's Market is down for us (sudo) to have a table for free!
  • Jeremy says: Anarchist Bookfair is this weekend, we can have a table there also (w/ BAPS) (Max will be there with copwatch!)
  • We could have a truly mobile node for such events, with a satellite uplink :D
  • Would it worth it to eventually find/create a 4g hotspot attached mesh node? - would be good for this kind of thing?
    • (paired with a mesh node could help create pop-up mesh nodes....
    • Sounds good! It'd be an extra monthly expense but probably worth it.
    • Later we could upgrade to a satellite uplink.
  • Marc will 95% certainly get to stay in the country. Woop! Woop! Yay!!!
  • Noemie is working on the and sudo room documentary!


  • Jenny will be cleaning up the notes from the summit last week, and contacting various networks about the license
  • The above outreach will also request folks to join the aforementioned coalition (for the Knight News Grant) and to promote the campaign in their respective social networks
  • Noemie and Daniel will be preparing questions and staging for more interviews for the promo video
  • Dan is planning to put OpenWRT on a Raspi + resilient case and solar charge
  • Jeremy working on presentation materials :)
  • Maxb is going to get that portal together if it's the last thing he does (tonight that is...)

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