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Peoples Open Meeting - Nov 21, 2017


  • jorrit, robb, blake, loran, jorrit, grant, scott, jenny
  • what would you change about your ISP
  • robb - deep blue, ISP should provide me with fiber, would like to work on
  • blake - don't know my ISP, roomates handle that, wants to work on building firmware
  • loran - doesn't have an ISP!!! spent last couple years on a boat, used other wifis. thinking about comcast, like purple
  • jehan - like lamp, my roomate moved out, stopped paying bill, still getting internet, NICE! wants to share hurrican electric experience
  • grant - teal, don't have anything to do with ISP, caused it's shared - no specific qualms, nice to split costs, interested in building firmware / work on disaster radio
  • scott - dark blue, has att, pays same price for 6mbps as 50-100mbps, wants calyx, probably should work more on circuit board
  • jorrit - color of pacific ocean, likes ISP through calyx, actually doesn't work that well, taped to window. has incentive to get better internet, but doesn't want to pay. wants to get entire apartment building to mesh.

discussion items

hurricane electric

    • Jehan went to HE with james martine (admin for UC co-ops, has rack at HE with gigabit uplink).
    • Marc setup exit server, Jehan took it down to HE, plugged in, Marc sshed in and confirmed that it is accessible from internet.
    • interesting stuff at HE, bunch of android phones running in one closet, another with a security camera.
    • jorrit - do local ISPs get ther internet from there
    • jehan - not sure, we have talked about getting roof space, but now it is just another exit node, all nodes still have old exit node IP on them.

    • applied for Moz/NSF grant, worked on , video is up,
    • need to add some things to the site (eg license, more visual/icons/etc, upload app itself)
    • trying to figure out scalability using simulations, suggest to use network simulator that substack wrote
    • grant played around with some of the boards (10) that scott designed
    • scott worked on the next generation of this board, hopefully sending out by next monday (corrected pins, adding capacitors)
    • jorrit: practical application that people will use? pizza delivery?
      • r: weed delivery?
        • jenny: an initial idea we'd had was comms about local underground parties/events, community resource mapping etc
    • Q: how do we eat our own dog food? A: With a fork and a spoon.
      • replace signal group?

firmware build

  • jorrit looked at the firmware build: - bunch of bash scripts. couldn't reliably build the firmware - kinda important.
    • issue to reduce variability. were building off the head of chaos-calmer from openwrt. build was complaining that we were building off a non-tagged commit.
    • set it to last stable release (>1yr old) tagged 15.05.1 & asked openwrt to do another patch release. they tried, but it didn't work.
    • did minimum amount of patching to get it to work - created 2 patches & removed one, refactored the build script.
  • now people can replicate it - still have to flash a node with it. in a way, rewinding to ~2 years ago. hoping we can build off of that to do all the patching we need to do.
  • grant: does this have something to do with the split between openwrt & LEDE?
    • not sure, they were very responsive tho
  • planning to update all the documentation next.
  • auto-pushing to docker hub - you pull that and then do a make off of that. still need some dependencies and some heads


Next BYOI: January 27th, 2-5pm

  • Jorrit: would like to come up with some kind of theme. would like to see more organized talks.
  • Scott: talks should be more comprehensive
  • jorrit: personal goal would be to have the people in my apartment come and come away with 7 key points(?)
  • jehan: under the sea?
  • jenny: think it would be cool to focus on how to build a small neighborhood cluster, and reach out to tech-savvy / digital inclusion folks to get a wide representation across the bay/oakland
  • robb: eventually, should have one on applications.
  • scott: given current focus on net neutrality issues, build your own internet, etc
  • blake: if thinking in terms of our grant, what is the byoi for? network operators, community organizers, etc
    • jenny: if having the next BYOI as the goal - compile more concise packet of resources, adaptable outreach materials, where to do outreach for filling the kinds of roles needed to build & maintain a network, equip. list & where to procure materials/hardware, etc
  • grant: think it needs to be interesting to the group as well.
  • loran: should include educators and people who have reach in the community
  • scott: *should* we involve city admin folks?
    • jenny: was on their radar at one point way back, but they move so slowly. there was also the District 1 BART guy Marc spoke with, who was super into it but bound by his higher ups. would be good to make explicit invitations, maybe start a targeted outreach spreadsheet.
      • loran: what about schools? have excess bandwidth, vested interest
  • jenny: let's pull from this giant list of orgs - - and start a spreadsheet with points of contact and people who will do the outreach
    • jorrit: like job-seeking - send intro emails, offer a solution (less a hacky DIY offer)
      • scott: when you go to these meetings [RACK, NCCP?] lots of folks who really care about their neighborhoods
  • jorrit: educate those who show up - these are the basics, here are materials, can do this in your own local meetings)
  • jorrit: Organize it for Organizers?
  • scott: will need to be super on point for that
  • jenny: relevant to agenda item below, can pick up some pointers. may be a good idea to email the previous attendees and see what suggestions they have
  • loran: worth mentioning a lot of city workers are unionized. might be useful to figure out how to do outreach to the union meetings
    • blake: think i'm connected to the comms director for pg&e


  • sierk? bullitt?
  • pledged to send monthly (6 months ago)

sf fiber

    • jenny was invited to a meeting this coming sunday with community partners who want to democratize the process of developing municipal fiber in SF:

"As we have the opportunity to present our ideas to the SF CTO on what more the network can do than simply connect people, the purpose of this discussion will be to decide on some key points of unity centered around: - community control, - introducing organizing opportunities into the fiber development process, - advancing digital justice, - enabling collective liberation and expression. This is not a private business pitch session. Internet users union? Democratically-controlled digital equity fund? Never have to commute to work again? A digital literacy tutor for every child in school and senior in supportive housing? Free public computer centers centered in homelessness service centers and affordable housing? Let's set the priorities not represented in the funding commitments from the consultant report [1].

    • send jenny feedback / ideas you'd like her to bring (meeting itself is invite-only and at capacity)

action items