Mesh/21 November 2013

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November 21st Hacknight


  • Rhodey, Juul, Maxb, Deeko, Jeremy, Xavier, Matt, Jenny, Bryce, Alex, Daniel, (many other people...)


  • Flash a few nodes and set up a mini-mesh in sudoroom?


  • Traffic Shaping
  • Nodewatcher (database, remote updates, monitoring)
  • Outreach!!
  • Advertising
  • Mounting solutions
  • Creating Educational Materials
  • Research
  • Workshops about Basic Networking Skills
  • Fund!Raising

Mesh Literature/Outreach Hacknight

  • 6pm Tuesday Nov 26th


  • Sticker printing situation with local shop has become untenable....
  • Xavier volunteered to look into it - he's an ex-pro!
  • Juul is going to email him some info and images

Local Services

Groups to Incorporate in Some Fashion

  • IndyBay
  • Community Democracy Project