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Peoples Open Meeting - 22 Aug 2017


  • Scott, Blake, Matt P, Everett, Gwendolyn, Grant, Marc, ALex, Jenny, noffle, eve, daniel, robb


sunday node mounts

  • node mounts every sunday - past 2 weeks have mounted 2 nodes at noisebridge and this week updated firmware on livelabs and hearth
  • this sunday: larry, by lake merritt


disaster radio

  • running into memory leak issues
  • marc discovered the chip used by the LoRa is pretty standard, so we can get it cheaper
  • meeting on saturday, sep 2nd
  • discussing collaboration with ssb for offline sync etc
  • need to add a vector map of the local area
  • 128MB sd cards are ~$1.50 now
  • circuitboard layout still needs to be designed -

breakout groups

discussion w/ Isabel (Chris, Ruben, ?)

  • intro to Isabel hydroponics company with a warehouse on Treasure Island - interested in garden mesh
    • range of gardenmesh nodes ~100 meters
    • uses MQQT protocol for communicating between nodes
    • switching to C from lua
    • gardenmesh nodes limited by having only 1 analog input, so digital inputs preferred
    • Isabel building a hydroponic yam production farm in nigeria... had been thinking of using weather stations using particle as the dev platform, connecting to other nodes over 3G
    • looking to measure water temp, outdoor temp&humidity, light
    • barometric pressure, salinity of the water, oxygen v important for plant uptake

misc link dump

shopping list

  • need more nanostations and nanobeams
  • cat6 shielded cables
  • another pair of good crimpers
  • outdoor shielded ethernet cable?

action items

  • from last week: start a thread re: group decision-making processes
  • initiate workshop discussion on the list
  • reach out to pete to talk with the current folks living at his place (node connected to livelabs)
  • start on the NSF/Mozilla grant
  • work on 501c3 application -
  • install another hard drive in our 2 new VPNs that we're setting up.