Mesh/22 January 2015

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Alex, April, Chris, remote-jenny (downstairs, sudo delegate >_<), Marc


  • review last meeting's action items
  • planning for retreat
  • node installation updates
  • firmware updates
  • bureaucracy: taxes and 501c3


  • let's explore different types of poles for antenna mounting. when we run out of the telescoping poles, we'll try fiberglass.
  • juul completed the mount at nick's warehouse in west oakland (nanostation m5 on telescoping flag pole mounted from second story)
    • We need a better crimper for ethernet cables: Let's order one that works for the "through hole" RJ45 plugs and the actual plugs (the grounded kind)
    • We need a stand for the outdoor cable roll so we can actually unroll the cable (otherwise it gets really twisty). Let's build or order one.
  • Remember to consult ham tower location stuff
  • We will soon have 5 nodes up in West Oakland that can be used as a test network
  • Let's get the nice through-hole RJ45 plugs and the nice crimpers for them
  • Gigabit (shared) office space $375/mo on Craigslist. In general, looking for res/commercial gigabit installations would be more practical through CL or similar things.
  • Let's try to find a topographical map of the east bay.

Draft Agenda for Retreat

starting at 11am, realistically at 12noon Saturday

  • 12noon – Definitions
  • 1pm – Insights with Preston Rhea, formerly of Commotion and OTI
  • 2:30 pm – Uplink decisions
  • 3:30 pm – Stare at a map for an hour or so
  • 4:30 – Mount antenna
  • 6:00 – List edits to website,

Onward: sprint to get Bable working, make list of website updates, navigate bureaucracy


  • 12noon – Firmware project management and bug tracking
  • 2pm – Funding options.
  • 3pm – Sprint on firmware, navigate bureaucracy, update website
  • 6pm – Calendar the future and cook food: where would we like to see the project go over the next year?
  • 7pm – Whatever we didn't cover? Refine a to-do list to ease on-boarding new awesome participants? Cook together.



  • Start at 11am
  • We need to write up a description of the wider scope of the project:
    • What makes us different from other mesh groups: Facilitating large scale urban deployments by providing docs/software/firmware/material.
    • What is peoplesoj