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sudo mesh weekly organizing meeting, 22 sep 2015


  • jenny
  • andrew
  • juul
  • jeremy


  • maxb has been adding remote logging
    • We need to figure out how to do logging that doesn't leak private information from user's nodes
  • jeremy has been doing outreach, putting up flyers and stickers around town
    • reached out to UC Berkeley, who pointed him toward the undergraduate association re: getting students involved

beta test network

We have:

  • 7 active home nodes
    • in 6 different locations
  • 9 other locations that have extender nodes and just need home nodes or a bit of configuration
  • A total of 16 installed rooftop extender nodes

After completing setup on locations that need home nodes or configuration we will have:

  • 15 active locations
  • 21 installed home nodes
  • 16 installed extender nodes
  • A total of 37 home+extender nodes

To achieve this we need:

  • At least 7 TP-Link N600 routers.
  • At least 5 passive PoEs.

(we obviously need more than this but the rest I'm sure we have. we definitely have some N600s but probably not seven and we have some PoEs but maybe not five?)

Active nodes

  • /tmp/hearth downstairs (has extender node. does not have own internet)
  • /tmp/hearth upstairs (has own internet. no extender node)
  • Pete (one extender node active, the second is installed but needs a cable run through wall)
  • MaxB (does he have an extender node?)
  • Mo (needs extender node. need someone to climb redwood)
  • Captain Morgan (needs extender node. should be a simple install but what type of node and where to point?)
  • Alex: Does he have a permanent node? If not, he should get one ASAP!

Nodes needing activation

  • Treeherder: Has one mounted extender node on/near roof. Needs home node.
  • Livelabs: Has two mounted extender nodes on roof. Needs home node.
  • Chris J: Has extender node on roof. Needs home node.
  • Old hearth: Has one node on roof pointed at livelabs but it may need to come down during reconstruction.
  • Tigermonkey: Has a rooftop extender node pointed at old hearth. Needs a home node.
  • Bill ( Has rooftop extender node pointed approximately towar
  • Ach, I forget his name, but he lives up near Rockridge and can see the storage building next to Omni. Needs home node.
  • Omni network which will have six nodes. Five of six nodes are physically installed but only one is configured. Need PoE adapters and need to set up tunnel to mesh on gateway. Could also install rooftop node.
  • Secret node on tall building: Needs new Rocket M5 with special configuration. We have the new M5 in stock. We should get on this. I'm calling this type of node as well as the Omni nodes a "Specialized Home Node" vs. a "Standard Home Node".

action items

  • figure out what's up with our taxes and how not to pay them (since we're a non-profit) Jenny is going to put us on a payment plan until we can figure out how to avoid paying.