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Peoples Open Meeting - Jan 23, 2018

meeting roles

  • facilitator - blake
  • notetaker(s) - grant, juul, jenny


  • blake - want's to help out with byoi, but doesn't know what to do
  • jorrit- would like to give an intro at byoi, and wants to get chicken, cow, and pigeon rto mesh
  • robb - would like to take care of AV for
  • grant - would like to finish the zine and the program and get some disasterradios talking to each other if possible
  • sierk - would like to update for byoi hand out, will help scott with food, and robb with live stream, is also janitor - also lesley said she may be down to help out with the welcome table
  • scott- will be making food, a little under the weather :(
  • jenny- hopes to make a map and get folks to put pins on it to resusitate our analog map
  • jaques - mainly here to find out if i'm needed to help with video and audio. mainly just be at the event to learn from it
  • marc/juul - donesn't really know what to do for the workshop, could either walk around and answer questions or sit at a screen (maybe pair programming station?)
  • mai - will be moderating the panel and helping jorrit figure out the chicken and the cow problem, also signed up for info booth

Action Items to Review

  • follow up with free mail server offer [jenny]
    • PON mail server is now on migadu! hosted for free, if you didn't get instructions check with jenny

(I need to get mail instructions-blake)

  • ssl certbot does not automatically reboot the nginx server when it updates the cert? - sierk [still working on it]
    • sierk - worked on it, not completely finished, dep error with cert bot, spent hours on it, renewed all the certificates, will report back
    • long term action item - should document what is running on the sudomesh server, somethings start some don't. ubuntu 18.04 comes out this year, we are still on 14.04, we should upgrade at least to 16.04
  • reach out to VICE - [closed]
    • grant- sent email to author of Detroit article, no response
    • blake - maybe we should get together a list of media contacts
    • press list:
    • mai - we have a press list, so we have precise message that we blast to all potentially interested outlets
    • jorrit - what's the purpose of doing this?
    • sierk - just to do outreach to people in the community, standard way of reaching out press
    • jorrit - can we format newsletter to be press relase
    • mai- they have different tones, press just wan't to scan release for info, newsletter sound more human
  • present at RIOTcon art/technology conference - East Bay Community Center 20 Jan 2018 [jorrit]
    • jorrit - presented, posted the slides @
      • focused on the orgnizational, how does Omni tie to sudo tie to sudo tie to PON, talked about projects, asked audience for questions
    • how many people do you need to make this a success?
    • how is this different from all the others that failed?
      • gave a very personal answer, community outreach is important and point to networks list, includes failed projects
      • how do you do outreach? well, i'm here. we have a workshop next week. should've mentioned the newsletter, think i mentioned the weekly meeting
      • that's all i could see through my nervousness
      • grant: think they were adequetely critical, which was good. suspicious. good questions. jorrit did a great job, didn't seem nervous. broke down a very com[plex and convoluted structure really simply. good length, but people maybe lost you a bit toward the end. connection to actual people once you started getting into and - bring it back to people, back to the beginning, rather than getting wrapped up in the details. decent audience, 20-30 people there.
      • jorrit - encourages others to try doing talks, it is nerve-racking though
      • sierk - found the question about how many people
      • jorrit - answer by saying what it means to be a success,
      • grant - jorrit said something about growth equated with success, and jeremy (from last meeting) jumped in to give his view
    • jenny: add to potential upcoming events on the events trello:


  • juul tiny wifi nodes!
    • tiny microcontroller (or computer?, or wireless router?) that runs openwrt
    • mai suggested plugging into to laptop to automatically put it on the mesh
    • if you solder two points you can use them as fully USB devices.
      • automatically gives you an ip address, at least for linux or maybe mac. don't need to set anything up, will immediately put your computer on the mesh
      • range? have to test them. could add antennas.
      • phone? could power them from a phone with a small adapter
      • marc - is going to order some right now, if anyone wants any let him know
      • who wants some?
    • scott - finished new verision of circuit, had a bunch of people look over and refactored it more. hasn't been any movement for a week
    • juul - did piet get back to you
      • bad bug where messages are garbled - worth getting as much feedback as possible
      • grant: fitz should be here tonight so we can hack on that bug...
    • grant - updated the firmware a bit and cleaned it up. now working, posting to the websocket
    • jenny and will ping tracy from brignole & ghiri, applied for directors&officers insurance
  • mario - someone asked about a microscopy, 22nd of april
  • incoming donations! - fitz found a bunch of gear on craigslist that could be useful for asking for bulk order or to donate to a 501c3. may need some assistance picking it up (SF). will send us full list tonight. will need a nonprofit donation receipt. sent us a photo of the size of van needed. thursday or friday
    • Mario's got a pickup truck
    • Blake - can ask Miloh or another friend for a truck or friend in SF
    • mario: thursday if in the morning (be back before 1 pm)
    • jenny: also we need to follow up with ben re: the monkeybrains donations

discussion items

  • robb: stream byoi to youtube or facebook?
    • sierk: need to ensure we don't film people who don't want to be on camera. i'm planning to do a little video of peoplesopen for liberated lens membership, will get some b roll
    • jacques: not very creative, but can do quick video editing
      • scott: any sort of indicators for those who dont want to be filmed??
        • jenny: in the past i've seen conferences use colored lanyards people choose at the welcome table
      • sierk: can set up in a small area - will not go around and film at random. set up somewhere and film people we ask specifically
      • blake: would be nice to get some shots of the lively event. personally used to an opt out policy - let us know if you don't want to be filmed
        • jorrit: can this be part of the announcements in the beginning? [jenny - yes, certainly]
      • mai: get a crowd shot but blurred out the faces? also get shots from the mezzanine above
    • mai: meet early to coordinate the filming processes?
    • jenny: think it would be easiest to just have some red lanyards at the signin table for folks who don't want to be filmed.
    • jorrit: livestream of panel and intro talks. snippets of tables.
    • mai: eventual b roll for a future fundraising/promo video.
    • blake - youtube is the choice [jenny- apparently...]
  • can we post the videos that preston suggested about meshnetworks in the event page
    • 20 min documentary by VICE about the Detroit mesh and how the people in those communities are
    • robb: maybe could just run it at the end of the stream
      • scott: don't think its necessary, could leave it in the notes on the stream
        • blake: he's fine with us just posting it on the social media page
      • sierk: actually very informative. were talking that we probably wouldn't start exactly at 2, so we could just show it at 2. shouldn't go on the livestream as we don't have the copyright
      • grant: should just post it anyways.
      • jorrit: would prefer not to show it in ballroom. not doing cinema, people meeting each other, building their own internet, etc
      • mai: would like to show it at the end while we're cleaning up. shows people w/o access building it for themselves.
        • grant - can show it at the byoi table


  • jorrit - has a question, does anyone have two webcams?
  • robb - I do

internet archive link

letter of intent?

    • afraid of legalese, too much back and forth
  • would it hurt us if we didn't have a contract?
  • bad to have a single point of failure
  • mai: way to have some sort of agreement - a simple one eg "let us know 30 days in advance" maybe 60 days so we can figure out an alternative plan
    • juul: understand why that sounds like a good idea, but my sense is that if we do that they're going to say no
      • robb: also experienced w/ brewster, little gun shy. this is ridiculously generous - think we should just say thank you and move on on this one
      • jorrit: sounds like it's not going to hurt us not to have a contract - maintain a nice relationship
      • jenny: did ask informally that a heads up would be super appreciated if they intended to remove the mesh gear
        • lesley: i mean, even if we had a contract, what would we do if they cut us off? sue them?
          • mai: said agreement, just so that we're on the same page. sounds like we shouldn't negotiate anything
      • juul: bunch of people already getting internet from this tower, would tarnish their reputation if it was turned off. from previous experience, took it personally
        • scott: should consider not doing anything that would piss them off. if they got letters re: activity on their network, etc
          • juul: not a big concern with the archive since they get so many dmca notices. secondly public traffic is routed thru the vpn for this reason
  • folks on thread planning tower: pief, juul, jonah, jenny, jake, robb, ?

node mounts

  • chrisj - just needs firmware update
  • david & niki - rerun ethernet cable
  • diane - need to run the power properly

action items

  • check on backups for etherpad - sierk
  • ping tracy about press list - jenny
  • pick up some red lanyards for filming opt-out folks - jenny
  • ssl certbot does not automatically reboot the nginx server when it updates the cert? - sierk: done - added renew hook "service nginx reload" to crontab, needs documentation?