Mesh/23 May 2013

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  • Jenny, juul, substack, miguel, jordan, mark, rody



  • Marc researched Freifunk, which is both a firmware project, group organization and many small meshes throughout Germany:
    • Firmware is interesting – community profiles for a) chipset b) language and c) city
    • Does the work for you – source code is available.
    • As a node, you get a static public IP
  • Commotion is based on the Freifunk
    • Available on more devices
    • Also works with OpenBTS
  • OLSR - Layer 3, no kernal module so takes more CPU resources
    • Has an Android, Mac, and Windows version
    • OLSR has a watchdog which auto-reboots
    • Batman-adv is only available on Linux – you could port the protocol
  • Hack to run DHCP to have dynamic IP assignments
  • How to assign IP addresses: We could only run ipv6 – much larger address space – for random assignments of static IPs
  • Hash the MAC address that's stored in a distributed manner
  • Planned vs dynamic mesh networks
  • Interoperability of protocols – batman as the backbone and OLSR/Babel on top
  • Open Mesh
    • Pay for faster access
    • Small businesses, schools, RV parks etc
  • Marc is going to buy a Freestation and some nanobridges ($85)
    • Omnis spread the signal too much
    • Ubiquiti sells antennas with 90 and 120 degree – this plus a router is $160-180
  • Lasers! Temporary permits
  • Cell phone networks – you can run up to 100 milliwatts without a license
  • Critter (substack)
    • Re-sync once connected to the public network
    • Spot crowd-voting
  • 5Ghz Backbone and 2.4Ghz connections between
  • batman-adv:
    • multi-cast: avoids network saturation, allows for streaming that other nodes can choose to plug into
  • Major issue is latency in hops

Action Items

  • Art, propaganda, manifestos!
    • mesh detected
  • Explore batman vs olsr vs robin
  • Mesh reading group?
  • Today I Learned? June 8th is available
  • Radio show w/ Interviews? Jenny & Alcides
  • 1 page description of mesh to distribute to everyday folks
  • Let's make a mesh!
    • Test batman-adv for next week
    • Throughput and slow-down over multiple hops
    • Signal strength