Mesh/24 April 2014

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  • Max, Dan (working on raspi or beaglebone meshing - trouble with batman), Jeremy, Deekoo brought beer!, John, Ryan (has worked with dd-wrt before, is connected at home with, his first meeting), Marc, Eric (has a bit of experience with open-wrt, interested in donating bandwidth), Mike (does large scale IT for a living, is curious)


  • Dan found portal that he likes - from Tunisia mesh:
  • Deekoo did "burn in test" on nodes and it ran ok for a few days
  • Dan is maybe having trouble with internet connectivity through node - he's interested in
  • John is interested in building local apps
  • Jeremey wants to know about trouble Dan had building sudowrt?



Firmware ToDo: General ToDos:


General Questions from new Folks

  • Ryan has a question:
   - What kind of hardware does sudomesh recommend?
   - Deekoo suggests newbies looking to contribute hardware start with 5GHz gear
   - 5GHz works great for point-to-point but not well for multipoint. Recommending folks use 5GHz for p-p then bridge with 2.4 for mulitpoint access.
  • Eric asks, "What's the cheese machine?" cheese.local from the sudoroom AP



  • Dan is interested in debugging node at home
  • Firmware
    • Get hardware watchdog for picostations and ar71xx
    • Node monitoring (alex?)
    • Add trigger for listening to ethernet being plugged in and unplugged
    • Implement password reset
    • Error reporting in web admin interface
    • Find co-location facility with good bandwidth deal and hopefully locally.
    • Deal with situations where home network is 10.* (currently mesh address)
    • Have a test for internet to switch batman gateway settings
  • 10.? problem/* Splash page */
    • Mesh needs one subnet for everyone. Currently on 10. which interferes with some home networks
    • Maybe local networks are only using a certain smaller subset
    • Research unused military subnet?
    • Ipv6?



  • We might piggyback on Slovenian group who is using lasers for long range optical connections