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Peoples Open Meeting - Oct 24, 2017


  • blake - interested in wifi stuff and everyone getting free internet for ever..imagine amazon except free.
  • scott - we sent off the design for the first circuit boards to get printed, I'm looking for a job hire me
  • grant - I been gon' now im back, the midwest was lovely.
  • sierk - last week I was occupied
    • marc jostles up to the table*
  • marc - I work on firmware
  • max - I do embedded cpp, tryna see wat dis place all about
  • Jason - I read the emails
  • ben - I like all dinosau=rs, I'm here because the eviction got cancelled
  • matthew - living in East Africa, visiting the Bay


  • marc - went to internet archive, they broke up with their internet boyfriend. So now we can be their internet boyfriend. We are trying to figure out what to do with SFLAN. This has been an informal project which we are going to go about trying to document. We might be able to get 60GBIT in richmond. There are a bunch of good things we can get from this.
  • Blake - have we received our invite to apply for the grant? not yet.
    • jenny: yes, we have portal access ^_^
  • Grant - I'm back baby, I talked to people in Toronto.... Grant stuff...
    • Marc - We have an animator and some other people helping us with the application. We have an almost finished script. Physical prototype of the case. We have less than 3 weeks to prepare our grant application
  • Jason - workin on mesh in Fresno,CA, using nanobeams and powerbeams, currently only one link. Tethered drone for research purposes and transmitting/relaying? signal

Mozilla Grant Apps

sunday node mount

Blakes house at 14:30 on 10/24/17

SF LAN Research

  • Internet Archive's documentation of SFLAN:
  • SFLAN: " has made SF LAN obsolete", 2007:
    • [side note: meraki a fork of MIT Roofnet mesh project, chose SF as site for free internet campaign in 2007, acquired by Cisco in 2012(?)]
  • Wikipedia entry on SF LAN:
  • Dan Keller blog on SFLAN: "We have given up on SFlan" (2008) -
    • "SFLan, too has been a disappointment. It had a modicum of early success but, as Ralf has written: 'SFLan, a project of the Internet Archive, constructed an experimental cooperative wireless internet service provider (WISP) that grew to approximately 30 nodes, using an over-the-air backbone relying on line-of-site transmission. Noise level in the ISM bands due to proliferating and competing Wi-Fi signals made many of their long distance links (several miles) nonfunctional. The network contracted from 30 functioning nodes in February 2007 down to four by October. They are considering changing their architecture to a fiber and wireless hybrid.'"
    • "Nonetheless, we like SFLan's approach best:

The point of SFLan is to demonstrate that it is possible to build a third pipe independently of the phone and cable duopoly, with free software and commodity hardware, and without any strings attached. That means a neutral network, with no ads, no censorship, and no restrictions on privacy.

    • "In general, the big issues are: Cost/funding model; Privacy; Performance; Disaster readiness"