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  • Introductions
  • Update on crowdfunding campaign [1]
  • What to spend money on
  • Overview of the Mesh as it stands!
  • Firmware progress
  • Community Outreach
  • Name Brainstorm


  • Marc, Chris J, Jacob, Ryan, MaxB, Jenny, Paige, Olaf + others
Marc - decentralization, citizen science, sysadmin
Max - Free internet! Free networks.
Olaf: Cryptocurrency, research, etc; Coinbase; Reading up on tunneling
Jenny – Education and community outreach; Anthropology and documentation
Chris J – Web stuff, splash pages, interfaces; OpenWRT experienced; community tech enthusiast
Jacob - community outreach
Aaron - Outreach and alliances; policy work
  • All would love to learn how to flash shit and do things on the ground.
Paige - Learning hardware, community education and outreach
Doug - firmware, implementations of the environment, webwork [software dev, web tech]; software dev, post nexus; free wifi enthusiast
Mitch - Likes to code!
Mitar - Nodewatcher; python/django-based application
Tom - abandoned hardware
Ryan - Graphic designer

Crowdfunding Campaign

  • We're $50 short of our crowd funding goal!
  • UPDATE: We hit our goal of 3k! See Inventory and Purchases for details
  • $2250.00 to the routers
→ Built a mesh network in Uganda

What to spend money on

  • We have a bunch of street level nodes and a number of pt->pt and pt->multi-pt backbone links
  • Cables and housing, etc.
  • Outdoor Ethernet Cable – Shielded
  • Outdoor Ethernet Plugs

Overview of the Mesh

  • The wiki is well documented

City – coalition-ing

  • If we depend on their interests, they will shut us down
  • They can't shut us down


Firmware: Max B, Marc J, and Douglas
  • Quality of Service
  • 3+ SSIDs
  • Traffic and bandwidth shaping

Name Brainstorm

  • Should we get high and try to decide? Maybe not...
  • Is there an advantage to having a separate "network" name and a "group" name


  • Pay for the nodes
  • Tunneling setup for VPN protection
  • We need a coalition of lawyers!
  • Firmware – to change the ssid etc – chris j
  • Points – sobdraken
  • There's a lot of electromagnetic noise!
  • Van-eck phreaking - pointing an antenna at a CTR screen, you can reconsturct it from far away
  • Can see what people are watching from the same signal on the tv via power draw
  • filter behind the meter that only lets 60 cycles through
  • We own the gateways between our houses! I will install this to do this - it is open hardware, with only 16Hz of data
  • A smartgrid would tell you to turn off this or that when the energy grid is overwhelmed

Local Net

  • Tidepools Map
  • Internet Archive
  • Oakland Wiki
  • Local Chat
    • nodejs app for chat

Mitar's Slovenia Repo

Community Outreach
If you really want to be a part of the community outreach team you could try and get in contact with some of the organizations on that list!

Next Meeting

  • Community Outreach & Policy Strategy: Wednesday, July 31, 8:30-10pm at sudo room
  • Hack Night: Flashing, firmware dev: Thursday, August 1, 8:30-10pm at sudo room