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Peoples Open Meeting - Dec 26, 2017 


  • (remote?)-jenny
  • (remote async) -jorrit

discussion items

  • it's beautiful! props to jorritt & grant! -
  • how to scale?
    • create a [replicable] physical guidebook we can give people
    • create an online step-by-step course
    • create a forum for community organizers&installers

what to ask of other community networks?

  • start with just one question: is this list complete? can you help us refine it?
  • then maybe expand: do you have any educational assets you could contribute?
  • is there anything missing from the site?
  • would you like to become a primary contributor?
  • "this is the recipe" - flash the nodes, configure exit node, and make it work
    • one without physical connection to exit node
  • ask people to bring $20 and a box (shoebox?) - and build a minimesh!

action items

  • hack on
    • link to github site & share [jenny[ (is it shareble yet?)
  • reach out to VICE (contingent on getting up & running) - [grant] (perhaps only share with vice, then invite them to make it better?)
  • follow up with free mail server offer [jenny]
  • figure out when to send copy to east bay express, sf cheap, and other media outlets.
  • check list of existing networks and update status and metadata - jenny/jorrit -
  • design stickers for the node - jorritt already did with electrical tape
    • find the infographic on the wiki


  • elevator pitch - mai? - this started happening in a breakout sesh at the 12/12 meeting
  • flyer designs - mai, jenny, grant
  • identify groups we want to work with
    • community organizers to talk to - mai / jenny / ?
      • potential list of groups:
      • reach out to the MADE - Brandon
      • reach out to the Vulcan - Robb
      • reach out to LOLspace - Jenny
      • reach out to libraries - jenny pinging Ivan (Marin Library) - done 12/12
      • reach out to schools - jenny pinging Hilary (OUSD)
  • start to finish, build your own mesh guides -- grant
    • people power and equipment needed (roles, routers, budget, etc) - jenny
    • operators manual/table - jorrit
    • services manual - grant
  • cryptoparty table - sierk
  • switch exit server to new server - needs point person (is this the hurricane electric server?)