Mesh/26 January 2016

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Sudomesh general meeting 26 Jan 2016


  • Alex P, Max B, Marc Juul, Lawrence(sp?), Jake (interloper), daniel



  • Remote Updates
  • Configuration
  • New installs?


  • Better docs for "intro to home node" for tech and non-tech folks (small that can fit behind router?)
  • Juul is interested in:
    • Taking on graphics
    • Video of walkthroughs, etc.
  • Cleaning up of wiki/making sure things are current
  • Map!

Hardware Watchdog

  • Juul is working on it
    • Wants to be able to save data about last crash somewhere
    • just a question of the right way to do it

Purchasing Gear from Yahel

  • 2 Air Fiber 5s
  • Mimosa link of some type
  • Half off the air fibers
  • Hopefully some freebies

Uplink Plans

  • Cogent:
    • Transit provider (connection to the internet) and colocation (you can put servers in racks there)
    • quoted $1k for 1gbps w/ $1k for roof access (we can get the price down for bandwidth, but need to talk to building manager directly about roof pricing)
    • Downtown Oakland (1624 Franklin St, Oakland, CA)
  • Hurricane Electric
    • Transit provider (connection to the internet) and colocation
    • $500 for 1gbps w/ $250 for roof access
    • Very far away - Fremont, CA

Remote Updates

  • 1. sysupgrade vs mtd
  • 2. signing images
  • 3. Preserving user config/admin changes (bandwidth sharing, wifi password, etc)
  • 4. What happens if we don't have root on devices (remote update daemon)
  • 5. Extending makenode to create tarball that can be pased to sysupgrade
  • 6. Extending makenode to query routers for existing node data (ip address, other mesh data)


Action Items

  • Juul is gonna reach out to the BART guy and ask for a meeting w/ IT
  • Maxb is gonna update nodeshot (even though it's stupid)
  • Maxb is gonna talk to Level3 about transit and rooftop access
    • emailed Level3 and XO
    • Need to remember to follow up soon if no word back!
  • Maxb is gonna turn off android captive portal - Done
  • Maxb is gonna talk to yahel and buy antennas
  • Juul will create accounts for mesh folk on the omni owncloud.

A place we should check if they allow us to place a node, they are at the plaza:

to keep in mind, daniel knows someone that has an office on 13 and franklin 4th floor (,+Oakland,+CA+94612/@37.8031538,-122.2725729,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x808f80b405f0731b:0x3455eec5972fb89b ) that may allow us to have a repeater. it seems that there is no internet access at that office.