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Feb 27 General Mtg


  • Jenny, Juul, Maxb, Daniel, Jeremy, Noemie, Alex, Wendy, Marc (from santa monica and has an IT background!),


  • Max has been hackng on the splash page



  • Folks getting nodes

- Alex and Mark and Wendy are going to get nodes and get walkthrough on taking care of them/etc. - Folks are losing land / connectivity - We do have a list on the node-database, we also have a checkout list

  • Firmware debugging:
  • Daniel is going to report back on having a node for a week
 - He's using his friends internet access
 - He's using comcast which is assigning him a 10.* address (which is what the mesh wants to use)
 - The solution involved adding an intermediate router which assigns
 - 6MB down 3MB up and that's about what he got from
 - There's a mispelling when the LUCI messages after setting 
 - Would like to change channels (they're overlapping)
 - Looking into multi-channel (automatic hopping) seems like a useful enterprise
 - How do we deal with 10. What about 30.*? What about strange other "local" subnets?
 - At some point the node turned itself off :-/
 - Google is sending people telling them they've seen "suspicious logins" 
  • Chris J is going to do a report back on having his node for a week or so
 - He's been having some issues. Potentially MAC filtering? We're going to do some troubleshooting?
  • Maxb is looking into iptables + tunneldigger
  • Marc has good news and bad news:
   Bad news: - RAID failed :-/ Some of the USB attached storage failed in an unrecoverable fashion
         - One of the SATA drives died. Marc has been troubleshooting.
         - Putting in a new network card fried the motherboard!
    - There's a new motherboard in the mail
    - We're going to stick in a new SATA/RAID controller
    - We can enter the serial into 
   Good News: - Marc sorted donated mesh hardware
              - Some of it is mesh useable, some not. Hopefully we can try selling the non-mesh hardware
              - We need testers of hardware before we'd be able to sell anything probably
              - Marc set up an old router w/ an ar71xx chipset and an odd configuration
              - The config is at
              - The nice thing about the router is that it has multiple open ethernet ports - if you're at sudo you can plug a wire into the router and immediately be on the mesh
              - Marc is going to set up a radio on PON w/ commons music- peoplesopenradio!


  • Printing flyers for distro in neighborhoods
   - If you want to work on a flyer, you should do it!
  • We have some new postcard designs, also new very colorful mesh graphics
  • Noemie got a bunch of money to make a film about!
   She's leaving :-(, but she'll be back to work on the film with Daniel and Jeremey :-)
  • Reached out to sudo community to add contacts: