Mesh/27 March 2014

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March 27th General Meeting


  • Jeremy, Noemie, Max, Alex, Jenny, Daniel, Britt, Jacob, Deekoo


  • Jeremy working on a slide deck
  • Noemie finished interview questions for the mesh video! Check them out, edit at will
  • Max finishing the captive portal tonight (for real this time!)
  • Alex has a node - it's been crashing. He's going to file a bug report
  • Jenny has been working on outreach stuff - Knight News grant. Also big $ google grant. Jenny has a graphic designer housemate!
  • Daniel requests better audio
  • Britt wants to help build and branch the network! He might be able to set up nodes in new places!
  • Jacob works with Copwatch. Can help with mounting nodes, etc.!
  • Deekoo has been working on the mirroring system for replicatable builds. It is F@$#&$ done! We need to integrate it with the build server and start auditing it!
  • Dan got OpenWRT on his Raspberry Pi, wants to patch it to get the wifi adapter working
  • Noemie met an ESL teacher in Richmond whose students don't have access to Internet - can we donate an antenna to them? -


  • What goes into setting up a node?
 -Few  different types: 5GHz, 2.4GHz etc; - Plugging into a router with an existing connection to the Internet is the easiest to set up.
 -Backbone links need to be mounted high (flagpoles helpful)
  • State of the mesh right now?
 -We're currently doing a developer launch of ~20 nodes, with plans to do a wider public deployment in the next few months
  • Is there a wishlist?


  • We need good documentation for Deekoo's build server proxy
  • We also need good documentation for any work Dan does to set up OpenWRT on Raspberry Pi and wifi adapter
  • Maxb is going to help Deekoo with git in order to put up github
  • Jenny is going to write at least two blog posts. One on NCL, one on pollination grant, and a reportback on roadtrip


  • Building enclosures and such for the Sparkys
  • Update our Nodeshot instance, says Federico of Ninux
  • Figure out why Dan's node is crashing


  • Nobody was talking with Chris J and they were thinking that we need a middle point between Richmond (and the internet archive) and the rest of Oakland.
    • Perhaps we can just talk with the internet archive and ask them to host one of our directional nodes/antennas that we can point at Chris J
  • Richmond schools! Richmond High is very close to the Archive node
  • Continue adding to the outreach spreadsheet:


  • Roadmap would be good!
  • Update budget
  • Add minutes
  • Ping Checkouts