Mesh/27 May 2014

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  • Alex, Juul, MaxB, Daniel, Matt, Jenny, Jake, Deekoo


  • Laney College Node
    • Marc setting up the Rocket M5 that will be mounted on the top of Laney College
      • Ubiquiti AirMax Sector 5G-20-90 Hi-gain 20dBi, 90deg, 5GHz AirMax 2x2 MIMO Basestation Sector Antenna
    • With 3 Picostations to disperse the signal in a 360 degree radius
  • Node Monitoring
    • Installing cricket on the dev server to collect SNMP stats from nodes (mini_snmpd).
  • Bank account now set up w/ Western Federal Credit Union
  • Stress test sample submesh:
    • What needs coding first? Ability for nodes with mesh access but no internet access to route correctly (Juul), automatic signal strength adjustment under congestion (Deekoo)
    • When should the stresstest be run?

Inventory Checkin

  • 15 working picostations
  • 5 broken picostations
  • 21 mickey mouse cables
  • 5 poe injectors
  • 3 passive poe injectors
  • 7 UK poe injectors
  • 10 bullet antennae
  • 9 mounting disks
  • 1 yagi directional antenna
  • JTAG adaptor
  • 15 Bullet 2HP