Mesh/27 September 2013

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  • Max B, Juul, Deekoo, Roman, Helen, Steve B (I'm missing one or two)


Juul - Image generator/config startup.
Max B - Still doing admin page work.

Image Generator

It looks like we've decided to flash all of the routers with the same image. Then before their shipped, we would connect them to a LAN where they would be auto-configured with ssh keys, other settings, etc.

Report Back from Open Garden

It was interesting! They're doing low-level bluetooth meshing mostly to facilitate access to the internet. A lot of the folks at the event were more interested in community networks/mesh level applications. Tried to get some of those folks excited about our project.

Random Notes

Some folks took picostations home to hack on openwrt with.

Helen mentioned that for ~$1mil we coul have 5ish satellites providing mesh connectivity across the world!