Mesh/28 August 2014

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  • Building Blocks for Kids Collaborative - working with Internet Archive to set up repeaters in Richmond
    • They're interested and are hiring someone more technical who will liason with us
  • Internet Archive folks
    • Paige talked with a volunter working with Ralf
  • We're making $34.65/wk on Gittip Gratipay


Action Items

  • Email to Pollination Project - Marc

Video Feedback

  • We should beta test it on some newbs
  • Better sound effects needed
  • Great explanation + drawings
  • Fork Me banner on last image

Folks from Catalonia!

  • Recommend TP-Link WDR3500
  • Can connect to two different DIY antennas (2.4 and 5GHz)
  • PVC pipe + old parabolas (put one at the focus of the parabola)