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Peoples Open Meeting - 29 Aug 2017


  • marc/juul
  • sierk (will be back next week),
  • dave (from irc) has a house in berkeley
  • jorrit: i haven't done much lately, been destracted. am interested in the upcoming workshop which is in three weeks. willing to tell new people about the project
  • joseph: pretty new to this so here to just learn
  • noffle: software hacker, peer to peer
  • arclinea: had two routes i was gonna put up at my house but my house got sold and i had to move. no longer live in oakland. works on decentralized stuff
  • mario - gardenmesh, interested in collaborations between groups in the building
  • jehan: i was in canada. i'm working for a project to let other routers pay each other based on babel
  • grant: working on hardware stuff recently, and node mounting
  • scott: recently been researching how to power the disaster radios with solar and battery charging and stuff and printing circuit boards
  • jenny: i work on not firmware but all the other bits. currently working on the 501c3 application and sunday afternoon node mounts
  • bullit: i'm bullit. i do what i want!
  • blake
  • eve


  • marc: yesterday i met with Mei Lin Fung, director of Peoples Centered Internet - founded by her and Vint Cerf. Similar goals to us, but no specific implementations - just gathering people and money together to make a more affordable, accessible internet. Been around about 3 years, very well-connected. She reached out to Marc - was present at the Mozilla panel. Very interested in DisasterRadio, wants to connect us to sources of funding
  • marc: DisasterRadio had issues with memory leak - but Grant conquered it!
    • grant: after 3 nights of hacking on it. Issue was firmware was outdated. was a bug in the nodemcu firmware exacerbated by the tcp/ip websocket.
      • marc: in the meantime, tried a bunch of different things on the ESPs. ended up with the arduino framework for esp286 has a nice firmware that supports web sockets. uploaded a tiny web app, loaded very quickly. programmed an arduino to become an spi client, connected an arduino to an esp, communicated at 2B/s (about 8x faster than expected). we have everything we need. but good that we can use nodemcu when we want to. hoping to get it working tonight.
        • grant: check out

byoi workshop

  • jorrit: things to show for next BYOI workshop (sep 23): DisasterRadio prototype. last time we had a couple of stations, preceded by some short talks (what/why/how). last time we had booths for flashing nodes, gardenmesh, radio wave propagation, crimping, node flashing.
    • jehan: will have althea(?) set up
      • other ideas: disasterradio, node flashing, talk on how the internet works, project gardenmesh data, 5 minutes per station/project
        • github repo: sudomesh/propaganda
  • sierk: talked to fnb and they're down to bring the bike-powered smoothie blender. donations for FNB.
  • jorrit: liked hilary's thing last time, "Q and not A"
  • marc: would like to give a slightly longer talk than last time, clarify misconceptions for new folks. would like to float next time (no station) and do some videorecording
  • sierk: take photos of the whiteboard of questions next time. also video the whole thing. also the node mounts.


  • catering: scott & sierk
  • schedule: jehan
  • flyer: sierk (update) & jenny (print)
  • videography: marc & eve


  • mario: two facilities that are open to hosting prototypes, also the isabel folks were open to us putting a node on their roof in treasure island

sunday node mount

  • continue at hearth and tigermonkey
  • next mount - perhaps at Isabel on Treasure Island?
  • larry (last week) had lots of good comments/advice - inquired about insurance. grant will try to summarize and send to the list.


  • folks who want to work on it: grant, bullit, sierk, jenny

breakout groups

  • new folks: jorrit / grant
  • outreach / website

510(c)(3) application

  • jenny: Close to finished. Maybe another 2 hours of work to complete it. We need a formal board meeting or written consent to get the bylaws passed.


  • start weekly hack nights on Monday evenings - 1st meeting
  • proposal, design document, circuitboard layout, etc

grants upcoming


  • meeting sep. 7th (thursday) with dominictar and other ssb folks to discuss collaborating on the grant
  • mesh folks participating: noffle, jorrit, grant, scott, eve, sierk

action items

  • flyer - sierk/jenny
  • stickers - jenny
  • order new 5GHz nodes (jenny/marc)