Mesh/29 January 2015

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Weekly Meeting


Alex, Marc, April, Martin, Ugo, Wilson, Joseph, Travis, Praveen, Chris

New folks

Wilson: Design background. Front-end, web development. Wanted to see if he could help Ugo: Wants to learn more. Get the best resources to learn about mesh networks and device to device connections. Looked at the website. Thinks what we're doing is awesome. April: Been working on this for a month or two. Kind of a professional political organizer. Excited to work on the project. Martin: Doing radio stuff for a long time, including mesh networking Alex: Been working on this project for just under a year. Been working on some of the firmware stuff. Was working on some of the node monitoring stuff. Joseph: Here a few months ago, catching up about research and writing on the project Travis: Lives in Berkeley and is just starting to get interested in mesh networking Chris: Has been coming to the sudomesh side of things for the fun. Monitoring.


  • New folks - intros
  • Intro to the project
    • Alex talks about building a firmware and building a physical network
  • LMI
  • Debrief from retreat
  • Website updates
  • Internet Archive tomorrow
  • Deployment in West Oakland Saturday?
  • Setting up the Omni network, when?

How to jump into the tech side of things

  • Anyone who is a C programmer can jump in with the firmware
  • The web GUI to show how much bandwidth is used on the node needs some work, particularly on the front end
  • More inforgraphics that could explain the whole process, an animated one is in works, apparently (Joseph is interested)

Action Items

  • April will finally get more inforamtion about other colo connections
  • type up the retreat debrief
  • Mount nodes in West Oakland at 12noon on Saturday w/marc. If you want to join, please email the list or Marc.
  • We need to create a to-do list to help folks more readily get involved.
  • Meeting with Internet Arcive on Friday
  • Get a better Internet connection for Omni


   **This is when the FCC's definition of broadband was 4Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream