Mesh/29 May 2014

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  • Two new people: Ivy and Ron both interested in helping. Ivy is interested in working on node.js stuff. Ron is totally going to help out with the service-browser


  • Juul has set up the lany college node but needs to attach wires for serial and a usb webcam
  • Deekoo has taken on working on the auto signal

Discussion of where to point laney node

Discussion of filtering DNS-SD services from clients

So e.g. printer and filesharing isn't announced out. Arguments for doing this is to protect clients from unknowingly announcing unsecured services or information. Arguments against is that it makes it more difficult to announce services and the burden of security should be on the endpoints since the network should never be trusted.

Discussion of the merit of giving clients an IP on the public mesh vs. NATing them

NAT would provide a level of security similar to what people experience on their home routers. Some people express a desire to protect users and ensure that e.g. printers and local file sharing is not broadcast to the mesh, others bring up the arguments that NAT creates a bunch of problems, such as making it more difficult to run/develop a server or p2p application than to run/develop a client application.

Captive Portal for Windows 8 and Chromium

Potential tunnelbroker issue

I tried to broker a tunnel using a recent git version of the tunnelbroker client and was unable to. - Alex