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people's open network meeting? - 4 July 2017

attendees: bullitt, hilary, jorrit, tom, grant, eve, sierk,

dicussing byoi

bullitt suggested hackathon event aruging about hackathons, the term has been copted by companies and science to get free labor, should we use? jorrit and sierk dislike the term hackathon but like the general idea. eve wants to provide people a vision to work backwards sierk would like to provide people a guide on how to build there own mesh. grant suggests a way convey the idea of people building THEIR own internet bullitt noticed peoplesopen at noisebridge jorrit, we need to be better about talking to people about meshing. sierk, albany has an attempt at a community mesh. BYOIv3 - OFF THE GRID

   * disaster radio
   * gardenmesh
   * car battery node
   * bike power node

hilary, who came and why.

Input by Daniel, later after the meeting was over, at11:24pm:

   * I feel that we still haven't been able to show the public a complete picture of PON. So they can see where their participation can take place. Perhaps we need a diagram, using the whole white mobil dividers that are in the ballroom.