Mesh/5 December 2013

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  • Marc, Deekoo, Jeremy, Jenny, JC, Ardeen, Daniel, Scott, David


  • Marc: ~200 Meraki Sparkyboards [no cases, power adapters, or antennas] via a Noisebridge donation
    • $2/each for antennas and PoE injectors, cases can be 3D printed or bought at dollar stores.
    • Problem with the hardware watchdog rebooting every 5 minutes
  • Deekoo submitted a security patch! and has a new contact in SF who wants to experiment with long-distance links
  • Jeremy talked to Arizmendi; working on the wiki [Walkthrough] as well as adding QoS apps to Mesh/Firmware
  • Jenny has been doing a deep dive on research re: current active mesh networks / community wireless networks
  • JC has been hacking on the new boards donated to Noisebridge! and wants to set up nodes around NB/the Mission
  • Daniel offers potential for a storage unit of several RAID controllers with 8 iTB hard disks
  • Scott is up high in Piedmont! Volunteers to be part of the experimental test network
  • David in S Berkeley, stoked to talk to his neighbors once the firmware is ready


  • Oakland Public Library networks are open, we hope to connect the mesh to them
  • QoS filtering runs into network neutrality issues


  • Deekoo: Goals w/ Sparky - Get it running in an emulator; experiment with kernal modules and investigate the watchdog;

Next Steps

  • Flashing party! Meet Saturday (12/7) at noon to flash with new firmware, then home to mount nodes & meet online!
  • Set up exit node
  • System for firmware updates


  • Daniel has a Cisco contact network! could get us bulk cheap PoE injectors, possibly source code
  • Unix Surplus for high-quality server supplies on the cheap

Action Items

  • Scott to reach out to OTX West about hardware donations, and Hurricane Electric about bandwidth donations
  • Marc to finish up firmware
  • Jenny to write article
  • Jenny to ping other folks to join us on Saturday