Mesh/7 February 2013

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Alcides, Marc, Jenny, JC, David, George, Miguel


  • Ham Radio Licenses allow for broadcasting up to 50 watt at 2.4Ghz
    • Free class to procure ham radio license in one day at Noisebridge March 17th
    • Has to be amateur / not paid-for services
    • Can't be encrypted (What does that mean for HTTPS?)
    • Definitely an area that needs further research!
  • Hook into Downtown Berkeley WiFi?
  • Hackerspace Darknets (accessible to other hackerspaces)
  • Bounce a signal off the moon / other satellites
  • Direct connect several nodes (Andrew's place/Vagabond Ballroom; Mark B's House, Adeline House, Sudo Room, Media Alliance, node in East Oakland)
  • Need for directional antennas
    • Should we make antennas?
    • Lasers?
      • 10 mbps (RONJA)
      • Not good in the rain
  • Location triangulation
  • Suggestion: East Bay Communications Resilience Group
  • Software-defined radios
  • Low-bandwidth radio receivers
  • Boats in the bay could receive long-distance comms, for instance
  • OpenBTS
  • MonkeyBrains as backhaul for a mesh network
  • Burning Man Community / San Francisco dark fiber opps
  • JC - mobile ad hoc mesh network
    • CB Radio backpacks for berkeley protest peacekeepers as inspiration for mobile ad hoc networks
    • Starts with communication (voice, over data)
  • Solar power system for mesh box and mobile phone
  • Pay phones as mesh nodes for anonymous hot-spotting
  • Peet's running on a mesh backbone?
  • Open Mesh - uses batman-adv, NG firmware
  • ALIX
  • AIS - boat radio communications
  • Emergency Broadcast Band - airwaves set aside
  • Cognitive Radio to detect currently broadcasting signals


  • Mobile ad hoc networks
    • 4GB of data to sync across the nodes
    • Using git to update the nodes
    • People moving around feeding the network
  • Mycelia - geospatial mapping via decentralized databases for inventory management, project and skill matching (talk to marc juul and jenny if you want to work on this project!)
  • Router Reuse Program - Proposed sudo room project :D
  • DC415 - DefCon mesh in SF

Action Items

  • Inventory / Donations of hardware
    • Open call to hackerspaces for surplus routers / wifi devices
    • ANTAC wifi cable modems
  • Base repository of information
  • Get a mesh node running at sudo room!
  • Field survey trip to visit existing nodes
  • Box in a Bag for activists