Mesh/7 March 2013

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Action Items


  • OpenITP Grant - throw in your thoughts! - - due March 31st
  • Market research on 4MB routers that will run OpenWRT
  • Juul will research binoculars and send info to Mark (carryover item)
  • Testing with satellite dishes - in sudo room next week! (after the main meeting)

Longer Term

  • Send out map and work on it
  • Update website
    • Commenting on nodes (Revent, Tidepools)
  • Come up with a handout for going door-to-door


Jenny, Miguel, Mark B, Bill, Jordan, with some OaklandWiki meshing ;D,


  • How the site works:
    • Create an account and put in the MAC address of the mesh router
    • Allows us to build a list of all the routers on the network
  • openmesh firmware runs a shell script when first installed, connects to and our own instance, 510pen, is recognized and fed directly to the router
  • How the portal currently works:
    • Pushes the HTML to if it updates
  • How the portal could work:
    • Data source on the mesh, some IP, every router could use static pages (using javascript restful endpoints)
  • We should get more routers! 8MB preferably, 4MB might work
  • We'd need more CPU - WRT4GL's should work - CPU can easily be maxed out depending on size of the mesh
  • Installing fibre along International Blvd - a highspeed access point would make it worthwhile to shoot across the city
  • Research fibre in East Oakland
  • Mesh nodes for GSM
  • RanchWiFi - Solar ISP - Matt's connection
  • Sudo GSM! We use all the protocols at sudo!!
  • Old Sonic routers??
    • Opt-in with Sonic? - Dane Jasper
  • Should we abandon OpenMesh and flash routers with our own firmware? At the very least, we should field test the firmwares out there.
  • OpenMesh used to use OLSR, and is proud to have switched to batman-adv
  • 802.11s - mesh standard - what's the deal?
  • BattleMesh!!! 4/20 in Denmark - we should keep tabs on how that pans out. Or.. go?


  • Jenny followed up in #oti on weatherproof equipment Ubiquiti equipments
  • Jenny and Mark B presented 510pen at Open Oakland.
  • Follow up with Tony on Cisco connection - "how many routers do you need?" he asked at Open Oakland meeting. Mark's answer, "ideally, one in every other house."
  • Bill did not flash the router ;) but his Coursera course is ending soon!