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people's open network hacknight - 09 May 2017

  • jorrit, nanomonkey, jefdaj, jehan, andy, eve, juul, daniel, grant, Bullitt


via Daniel:

  • Two not in use cisco 2950 were removed from the production rack.
  • Two PoE HP Switches (24, and 48 ports) were racked in the production rack. They are not powered at this time. The intention is to use them for the Ruckus APs that Eve and I are getting ready for Omni to use. Note: the two (24, 48) Dell switches in production are not PoE. Perhaps eventually they can be replaced by the HP that were installed today.
  • Last Saturday Eve and I came to Sudoroom and worked on the WiFi Controller and the APs. We have upgrade the gear eight version, there are two more to go. We may continue tonight. As I mentioned via Signal, we already started mapping where the APs will go in the building.

  1. discussion about net neutrality issues

Wonder how many of you have filled up the form, if you would like to do that, here is the link: When at the FFC site, click on "+ Express".

  1. jorrit and juul

juul needs to dump all his info

  1. I-core

Eve talked about: