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Needed info

List of direct neighbors (by hostname if possible) and how they're connected

ip route


babeld -i (and look at the via for interface and nexthop for ip)

We could use "dig @ip_of_node" but the dns on the node doesn't respond to non-local requests.

List of neighbors via extender nodes

Simple list using ip route or babeld -i and looking at "via" for interfaces called eth0.1 or eth0.2

List of clients on wifi

iw dev <interface_name> station dump

Interfaces are open2 (public on 2.4 GHz), open5 (public on 5 GHz), mesh2, mesh5, etc.

List of clients on ethernet

arp -i eth0 -n

or look at DHCP leases and eliminate the ones found wifi.

Are we connected to the exit node (is there direct internet via ethernet)

Check if l2tp0 interface exists:

 ip addr

Do we have a path to the internet via the mesh

Check if ip route has a default path or babeld -i has one.

Which ethernet ports are physically connected

swconfig dev eth0 list ? (something like that)

List of extender nodes and which type they are

Same as above (swconfig) for list of extender nodes but for type of node we'll need the ubus http forwarder thing.

Total nodes on the mesh

ip route 


babeld -i