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Meetings to build the Peoples Open Network began in January of 2013 at Sudo Room, an Oakland hackerspace and creative community dedicated to social justice, inclusivity, and building alternatives to the tech industry. Several founding members of the project, including Marc Juul, Jenny Ryan, Daniel Arauz, Lesley Bell, Jehan Tremback, Jake Sternberg, and Matthew Senate, continue to be involved to this day.

Sudo Mesh, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, was incorporated in November of 2013 as the legal entity contributing to the network, which is intentionally un-owned by any given group or individual.


Many of the architectural decisions for the SudoMesh project were based on implementations and lessons learned by wlan slovenija - open wireless network of Slovenia.

SudoMesh uses Babel, a Mesh routing protocol that didn't exist when the WLAN Slovenija project was started.

Technologies shared by both SudoMesh and WLAN Sovenija include: