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just started as an outline. more to go. --ChrisJ

Notes and stories about physically installing the nodes, wiring them up and connecting them to the network.


  • High
  • Unobstructed
  • Solar powered, if possible

Place the node in a front window or on a porch with the greatest exposure of other buildings and public spaces. Ideally you might place it on a high pole sticking up from the roof. You will connect an ethernet cable from a router inside your building through an opening to the roof. The opening might be under a doorway, through a slightly opened window, or through a properly drilled hole in a wall of your house. Sometimes holes are already available from a previous installation of cable television cables.

IP Service Router

When you initially sign up for internet service you are usually given a modem and/or a router.

A modem is the device that connects to the outside world and brings the internet traffic into your house.

A router is a device that can divide the single line that comes in from the modem into multiple lines so you can hook up multiple computers. In a normal installation you will use one of the connections.

Ethernet Cable

The Node device is connected to a router

The Router

The Node


You can use something like the Wifi Analyzer app on Android to see the signals around your home. Look for You should also see the wifi connection which you set up when you received your node.

Your friends and neighbors can connect to for free. You can use the private SSID for your personal secured wifi connection to the internet.

Example stories