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This page has been marked as stale, as it is outdated to the point of providing significant misinformation. Please update it before linking other pages here.

As of June 2018, we just reorganized the mesh cage. A more recent and up-to-date inventory of our materials is underway, but will likely be hosted elsewhere. Link to follow.

current-gen nodes

ready for outdoor mounting


All of these are complete (with PoE).

ready for indoor use

All of these are complete (with power supply).

used gear

previous-gen nodes

used gear

incomplete gear

  • More than 100x Meraki sparky (also known as Meraki outdoor)
    • No cases, power supplies or antennas (u.fl connector)
    • Needs special script for hardware watchdog.
    • Flashing takes ~20 mins

PoE adapters

  • ?



  • Maybe 1/4 roll of a 100 foot outdoor UV-protected shielded and grounded CAT6
  • A bunch of indoor CAT5 and CAT5E
  • Bunch of RJ45 connectors
  • Bunch of grounded RJ45 connectors

Antennas and pigtails

We have a bunch of high-gain omnis, a bunch of dish (the grid type) antennas, and a few panel antennas. Most of these are N connectors. We need to go through them, check frequency and tag them with frequency.

We have a bunch of u.fl to male N pigtails.

We have a bunch of GPS antennas.

Tools for node-mounting

Big tools

  • One foldable woodworking table (like this)

Hand tools

  • One decent RJ45 crimper (blue handle) with somewhat worn out cutting blades
  • 2x low quality RJ45 crimpers (green handle). Probably OK for crimping but not for cutting or stripping.
  • A set of screwdrivers, wire cutter, tongs, and other basic hand tools.

Power tools

  • Makita impact driver (battery powered)
  • Makita drill (battery powered)
  • Makita battery charger
  • 3x Makita batteries


  • Two ethernet cable testers (need batteries)

Consumables for node-mounting

TODO put stuff like mounting brackets, plumbers tape, screws, silicone, hose clamps, cable staples.

Other stuff

  • 3x One Laptop Per Child XO Laptop (one power supply)
  • Lots of other stuff that needs.

Less than useful stuff

  • A bunch of random indoor routers that don't support OpenWRT
  • A bunch of random indoor routers that do support modern OpenWRT but no two are alike
  • A great big stack of the original blue linksys routers. These only support old versions of OpenWRT.