Mesh/Network Configuration for Linux

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  • Click on the network icon on the top right of the toolbar.
  • Click "Edit connections..."
  • Click on Ethernet connection "Wired connection 1" and click Edit
  • Click on the "IPv4 Settings" tab
  • Change method to "Manual"
  • Click Add
  • Under "Address" type the IP address
  • Under "Netmask" type the Subnet Mask address
  • Under "Gateway" type router / gateway address
  • Click Save
  • Click Close

Command Line

Ubuntu users can reconfigure their network settings using the command line. In a separate terminal you will log into the node using these directions:

Find the name of your ethernet port by running ifconfig


In the example below, the wired Ethernet port was "eth0"

In the terminal type the following, replacing "eth0" with the name of your Ethernet port:

 sudo ip addr add dev eth0