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Tony, Sheila, Arly, Larry, Ivan, Marina, Tonya, Dennis


  • Get Connected! Oakland - defunct (pretty much a fake tech outreach promo sponsored by the city)
  • Youth Radio - classes for technology learning, including social media etc;
    • Richard Reya
    • design / build / launch apps
    • participated in OpenOakland projects in the past
  • LOLspace
    • Jen-Mei Wu
    • community/activist-oriented makerspace in the San Antonio neighborhood of East Oakland
    • not currently doing much with tech-specific outreach/classes, but ramping up to it!
    • more notes here: Ethnography/Interviews/Jen-Mei

East Oakland community orgs to reach out to

  • Unity Council
  • Lao's Community Center
  • Spanish Speaking Citizen Foundation
  • East Oakland Youth Dev't Center
  • Boxing Center

Potential Projects

  • Mapping Free Wireless Hotspots

Action Items

  • Solidify entrance pitch
  • Discussion of incorporating community groups generally
  • Continue forward with outreach to groups/orgs