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Today I met with Angela Woodall, a reporter for the Oakland Tribune. She had just been at a UASI meeting, a Bay Area organization sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. They've been working on, an emergency response information toolkit which they intend to develop interactive apps for. She wanted to discuss a crisis response app idea she and Adam Stiles had pitched at Open Data Day, and I showed her some of the ongoing efforts, including Tidepools. She was extremely interested in 510pen and the concept of mesh networks more generally, and asked a lot of background questions for a potential story. We both were uncertain of the legality of the nodes set up thus far, and wanted to ensure we wouldn't be incriminating anyone before moving forward with a publication.

  • Has been covering drones for over a year.


  • UASI
    • Emergency planning, making a donation
  • Free wifi in SF - longtime effort to create free wifi access throughout SF
  • CityGov App
  • SNAP Mapper: mapping prices of food for places that accept SNAP food stamps.
  • Community Care
  • Bay Area Hacks & Hackers
  • Random Hacks of Kindness
  • Google Crisis Response
  • LPTHW Study Group (PyLadies SF) -Python Meetup starting in SF on the 24th
    • Lynn & Pamela
  • Alameda County Hackathon
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