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Jen-Mei Wu is a co-founder of LOL (Liberating Ourselves Locally), an Oakland makerspace run by and for people of color (POC) in East Oakland. Last week, LOL celebrated their 1-year anniversary of opening a space, and I got a chance to meet the other co-founders and chat about mesh and mapping. Jen-Mei and Cass, another organizer, were already familiar with 510pen - one of the first nodes was installed at the Bikery down the block - and eager to expand the network to LOL and surrounding neighborhoods.

Notes, to be written up

  • LOL draws local, longtime activists and youth communities.
  • Cass and Youth Revolution
    • SOL high school interns and food justice education / mapping
  • Workshops on Group Self-Defense and How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Interested in mapping resources for resilience
    • Meetup / regrouping locations
    • Solar backups for the mesh
    • Water, food etc;