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The aim of this site is to promote the network itself, featuring three critical aspects:

  1. Free - of cost, free Internet, free beer. "Just put a node on it!"
  2. Freedom - from censorship, surveillance, highlighting the community-owned nature of the network. "I'm the network"
  3. Commons - as in the network commons - the fundamental, essential shared resource that is communication - "share the air"

Next Steps

  1. Information Architecture overhaul
    1. Primary actions:
      1. Pre-Order a Node
      2. Join Us (in-person, online)
      3. Give from our Wishlist
    2. "Fork Me"
      1. Convey this is all forkable [code *and* organization]
      2. Learn from Awesome foundation example.
      3. Developer Tab - what is meant by developer help?
    3. Partners
    4. Max, github
    5. Iphone menu


Color Scheme

Used picker based on sticker green (#20b24b) to get [muted green, orange, violet]:


Selected WP-Foundation based on Foundation.

Research Links


Found some open source fonts through Google Fonts. Trick is to download the fonts, rather than use the "google fonts" service. Considered these fonts and selected the combination of Doris for titles with Anaheim for paragraph text (along with any for monospace).

It seems like loading custom fonts should be straight-forward, it ended up being complex. Simplest solution is to generate css & multiple formats here:

Graphic Elements

Reaching out to designer-artists to generate engaging graphics, primarily for landing page to convey narrative, point to call to action


Development Tools

For now, we'll be using the sticker design as a placeholder while we construct the site as a general broad propaganda platform for mesh networks worldwide :D