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1. Rocket Stove.

This appropriate-technology rocket stove is a replicable, open source wood grill which can be made using found material and minimal tools access. Design and instructions on how to build can be found at Art and Revolution:

File:Rocket Stove Finished.jpg
Rocket Stove, final version. A Rocket Stove is an easy barbeque grill that anyone can make, and one of the most efficient burners of wood that's available.

A Rocket Stove is appropriate technology. One of the most efficient and minimalistic converters of wood into heat, the stove can be used to boil water quickly and saves the camper having to carry and buy replacement fuels. The first version [1] burned successfully and proved lasting, even with being used every day in a farm situation. After losing the first version, the second version was built with found materials in the street. Finally, a third version was made, pictured, with found materials as well. This one has near perfect air-flow, for a long contracted burn. We are looking at building miniature versions, once we eat more canned food! I will upload the drawn schematics with the how-to.

File:Rocket Stove in Action.jpg
Upon completion of the rocket stove, first burn heats the space, and second test burn lasted for 35 minutes.



4. So far none has been used.

5. Open Source Experiments

5. Open Source Experiments

Similar Technologies

Microgasification stoves

See for loads of howtos. Most provided in english as well as german (see filename), some bilingual. German page: