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Multi Media Space

The multimedia space in the basement of the Omni Commons has regular participants on Tuesday Hardware Hacking night. Since it has a screen printing area as well as sewing machines, it has been renamed into the multimedia space! There's an old Sewing wiki that needs to be updated, but this wiki page will probably replace it.

Sewing mannequins in the multimedia lab.jpg

Future projects

There is also an entire social and economic history of fabrics, I think we'll be going into that in our hardware hack night blog posts, since sewing blogs don't usually talk about that stuff.

Future ideas.jpg

  • the history and modern development of precolombian fabric in central, south and North America (inspiring blog post) it'd be cool to bring interesting fabrics for a show and tell
  • the history of stretch fabric
  • the history of the jacquard loom and how it sort of became the basis for modern computing science & industry museum
  • trends in eco
  • reducing waste from fast fashion
  • fixing our clothes - it's a revolutionary act! (vogue article)
  • how do drag queens make those cool costumes and can we do it too?

Dropping Knowledge

You can learn a lot on the internet but probably more from books because they aren't hooked up to social media sites :) There are some pretty cool guides here you can use to get yourself started on making nonsexist swimwear and cool outerwear and outdoor gear for women that isn't pink with flowers and has tons of pockets and butt pee zippers.

There is also a lot of knowledge to be gained by the folks that run the space, a lot of people have been sewing for a long time!


This is a quick overview of the equipment - there might be more, always check with the folks during Tuesday night! We have a ringleader lady who knows everything, we'll try to get her knowledge into the wiki.

Standard Singer Sewing Machine

A standar Singer Sewing machine.jpg

There's some kind of standard sewing machine. Looks rad!

heavy duty sewing machines

Heavy duty sewing machines, some of these can handle sewing backpacks and even outdoor gear and creating elaborate trims. Imagine making your own custom-made snowboarding jacket someday!

Some kind of heavy duty machine.jpg

Baby Lock Ellageo Embroidery Machine

We have an embroidery machine, and luckily we were able to find a class video online on how to use it! Make patches that stick it to the man.

Embroidery machine

Silkscreen Area

There is some kind of silkscreen printing area, not sure if all the equipment is there but it looks like you can mass print tons of t shirts at a time!