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My Little polo pony will help non players better understand the subtleties and strategies of the game. it is very physical with a lot of techniques that are hard to understand for people who do not ride horses and are just watching from the field. The best situation is the creation of a set of 8 my little polo ponies.


  • This will be influenced probably from the brony culture and involve wearing awesome outfits and styling ponies' braids.
  • It should all fit into a large purse.
My Little polo Pony by BuizelCream

Soft Action Figure Dolls

Many subtleties are lost if there are not human flexible dolls to go on the ponies but that's a PITA to acquire. Snowboarders use action figures about GI Joe Sized (classic ones, 10" tall).

3D printing

This is the easiest part to totally flake out on. We have a bunch of new 3D printers but I think one of them is supposed to be very good but it's completely custom made... so no manual. oh no!

  • See Printing as there are many 3D printers.

Other sports

I mean the concept of dolls could be extended to many other sports like snowboarding and surfing. There are some complications such as each surfer/snowboarder/sports player makes completely different biomechanical movments based on their height and body proportions (thanks polo player YouTube!).