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http://api.kijanigrows.com/app/#/device_sensors/sudoroom/ http://api.kijanigrows.com:3000/dashboard/db/sudoroom

kijani grows V2 Smart Controller


it's a cardboard box with a V2 Smart Controller inside, and a temperature sensor and other stuff, and it connects to the sudomesh network and phones home to


as "sudoroom" and if you click on the uptime it gives you the JSON of all its data.

you can find its IP address there and ssh into it and fool around pw is tempV2pwd

see scrips in ... /root/tools ... /root/commands

if you register a sudo account at http://api.kijanigrows.com

oh ... there is a user called sudoroom in the system ... robb you helped with this ... try forgot password and see who receives an email

you can do remote control easily as well if you sign up ...